2017 Legends of the Cruise – Modesto Throttlers

Modesto Throttlers
This legendary car club is alive, well and racing. This club was there at the birth of our car culture. Founded in 1949 with club bylaws as old as 1952, it was the second car club in our read and it is still active today. At the time, the other car club was Gene Winfield’s Century Toppers, who were inducted in 2016 on to the Walk of Fame. James A Walker, Roy Farriester and Sox Suzuki were founding members. Former presidents include: Richard Womack, Mike Webb, Benton Hendrickson, Michael Johnson, Gary Flud, Jim Frakes and other Former members include – Larry Summerlot and Tony Wilds. Over the years, the Throttlers have remained strong, participating at regional car shows, supporting local events and raising funds for local children’s organizations. The Modesto Throttlers and their members have been featured in many classic car magazines.

Current 2017 Officers: David Walters – President, Tiffany Walters –Secretary, Michael Johnson – Treasurer, Kevin Schwarz – Vice President, and Michael Hall – Sergeant at Arm. Members: Scott Morgan, Andrew Day, David Day, Duane Monk, Richard Womack, Annette Hall, Michael Williams and Maria Johnson

Throttlers have an active summer and fall agenda, with car show show proceeds going Sierra Vista Children’s Center. They will be bringing out the fast cars at their upcoming show at Wood Park in Oakdale Ca on September 23, 2017. They regularly host get togethers at Sonic Drive-In on McHenry Avenue as well as meetings held on the first Monday of the month at Ridgways Restaurant and Lounge at 2401 E. Orangeburg Avenue in Modesto Ca.

You too can become a Modesto Throttler. www.facebook.com/modesto.throttlers



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