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209’s Best Local Hard/Rock & Metal

Modesto Metal Ru

A lot of bands today, either due to lack of venues, or just sheer need to get their music out, seem to be pumping out CD’s these days to get their sound heard. I’ve recently come across a few that I think deserve some recognition. I’ll be covering more local projects in the future, for sure!

1.Warpath Assassins-5 Song Demo(Unmastered Version)
Warpath Assassins debuted last year to a lot of fanfare! Featuring former members of Disillude, Thr3efold, & Skin 4 Julia, this local super group has been hard at work on their debut album. This five song demo is just a sampling of what’s to come. It’s a throwback to the glory days of Modesto metal with Jason James vocals that display why he has been one of the areas best metal singers for the past several years. This record is very technical and complements their high-energy live show. The band recently played packed shows with The Dead Kennedys andSkinlab. This is one of Modesto’s best new bands! Check out Warpath Assassins on Facebook and

2.Sworn to The Black-3 Song Demo
I have known a couple of these guys for a really long time and this CD puts a smile on my face! There is nothing on this demo that is not bone-crushing metal! Featuring former members of SEIP and Beyond All Brutality, this will be a favorite of Soulfly fans as well as Modesto Area death metal kids. When All Ages venues return, expect to see this band rise among the top of local metal. These guys filled this demo with catchy licks and well placed solo’s that will blow your mind! My favorite part is the very technically crushing drums of former SEIP/Epidemia Drummer, Pelon. Man, the way the drums are laid out show why he is, and always has been, one of the Valley’s best drummers. I love how he and the bass player work so well together. Match that with mind-bending vocals and a sick guitar attack, these guys will definitely be a band you want to see soon! Check out Sworn to The Black on Facebook & Myspace

3.California Medication-Dead Naked Chicks
This is a CD I like to think I had a part in making. These guys used funds from winning our $1000 Battle of The Bands and it sounds killer! Cal-Med is a super fun band from Stockton that is four hard working guys from Stockton & Modesto that make really good songs. It’s so hard to put this band in one genre because they are all over the board musically! This band will play anytime they are called upon and they are one of the most real bands you will ever meet! Regulars at my house, these guys will chill with just about anyone at one of their shows and some of the best conversations happen on the tailgate of their drummer Steve’s truck! This band mixes hard rock with funk, metal, punk & the kitchen sink! This is soon to be one of Northern California’s top bands and beyond! I highly recommend seeing them live at a venue near you and simply ask for a copy of this CD and theywill happily give you one! Find California Medication on Facebook & Myspace

Now to end my time here this month…just want to remind everyone involved in the Nor-Cal Music Scene, bands, promoters, musicians, comics and anyone involved with local music, you are all cordially invited to the weekly booking meetings at The Fat Cat in Modesto. It is the place to get shows at The Fat Cat and the BEST place to network within the local scene. Plus…you’ll find certain perks involved with weekly attendance. I highly recommend joining all of us at The Fat Cat at 5pm meetings usually start around 5:30pm!! Check out The Fat Cat on Facebook Twitter & or call 209-524-1400 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm and Ricardo will be happy to help you!!

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