A Long Story Short

A Long Story Short

By: Modesto Famous

Who is responsible for the fiasco that is Jersey Shore? Don’t blame comedian, Colin Quinn. Read about this and gain some insight into being easily offended, educated and inspired by the likes of Richard Pryor and George Carlin in Ruben Porras’ interview with Quinn at modestoview.com.

Colin Quinn’s one-man Broadway show, “Long Story Short” is coming to Modesto’s Gallo Center for the Arts on March 15th. According to information in the press release for the show, audiences will experience the history of the world in 75 minutes.Count on a crass, thought-provoking night of comedy that The New York Times,Variety and other popular publications have called “hilarious,” “razor sharp” and “immortal.”

Quinn has come a long way since his days on MTV in the 80s and Saturday Night Live in the 90s. “Long Story Short” is directed by Jerry Seinfeld and critics have noted that Seinfeld’s style can be seen in the production. Quinn is currently working on developing a project based on how money flows and works around the world.

MF: It is great to talk to you. I grew up watching you on Remote Control back when MTV played videos. Was that show a big boost for your career?

CQ: Remote Control gave me a great deal of exposure and taught me a lot. It was really a big party. We were all young and it was fun to party every night and travel for free. We ushered in a new era on MTV by being being the first programming that was not music videos. Some people still blame us for MTV becoming what it is now. I’m not responsible for “Jersey Shore.” Don’t blame me.

MF: Who are your inspirations in the entertainment industry?

CQ: As far as comedy goes, Richard Pryor and George Carlin have influenced me more than anyone else. In the business as a whole, I have always looked up to the work of director, Sidney Lumet. His gritty New York movies are the type of movies like that I have always wanted to make.

MF: “Long Story Short” focuses on the history of the world. Have you always been a history buff?

CQ: I am a reader and I write what I read into my work. I read everything that is put in front of me. I never focus on one particular place or niche. I think globally with an open mind and that helps me write and work they way that I do.

MF: What do your regard to be the highlight of your career?

CQ: I have the best job in the world and I have had amazing opportunities. Saturday Night Live was a great experience and I will always love standup. The real highlight has been living a life where I get paid for pleasure. That can’t be beat.

MF: JerrySeinfeld directs “Long Story Short.” How did you get involved with him? Is he a hands-on part of the show?

CQ: I have known Jerry for years and we have always been good friends. He really helped me get this production off the ground. He created all the visuals and he developed the set. He has been a key reason that this show has done as well as it has. I wrote it and he took it from there. He helped us to get to Broadway and on HBO.

MF: You touch on ethnic and cultural issues during the show. Do you worry about offendinganyone?

CQ: People will definitely be offended. I know that and expect that. I just want people to spend some time thinking and not be so sensitive. Issues like what I talk about that make people think make people uncomfortable. It is easy to talk about things like Jersey Shore that have no depth but making people think about real issues is not always easy. My goal is make people think and learn without realizing it. I need to keep the audience entertained to do that. Teachers should teach this way. Students would learn more.

Visit: www.galloarts.org for more information and to purchase tickets. Tickets start at $19.



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