AcosuticView Summer Troubadours!

Acoustic View

Summer Concert Series: 10th St. Plaza – Fuzio’s 7-9 all ages free

Friday July 6th Funky Tim & Friends

Friday July 20th PattyCastillo, Eli Lester, Randall Neimann

Saturday July 14th Queen Bean 1126 14th St. 5:30 – 10pm Joe Barretta, TJ Lake, The Josh Rosenblum Band, Funky Tim, The Dave Hanley Band, Doug Robinett & friends

The Troubadour Series Sweet River 2600 Geer Rd. Turlock, Ca 209.668.2300 FREE ALL AGES 6- 10pm

Thursday July 19th Chad Seiverson, Allison Van Guilder, Mike Allsup, Mr. C & Mr. K, and Doug Robinett

Thursday July 26th Chris Doud, Nick Shattell, Adam Bishop, Matt Walker, and Dr. Blue

July Artist of the month: Dr. Blue Dr. Blue hails from the south side of Stanislaus County, and has his whole life. He has been a major player in our music scene since the middle of the last century. Dr. Blue started as a musician at age 7 on the violin, and progressed to the guitar at 13. He first started playing in bands in the late sixties, and progressed into The Original Skeletons, Rikki Wow & The Flames, and most notably The Fabulous Rojas Brothers, and Matty Comer & The Experience.

For the last fours years, Dr. Blue has taught guitar both electric and acoustic, mandolin, fiddle, and bass at Dale’s Guitar in Turlock. He teaches 20 to 25 students per week the lessons that were taught to him long ago. Blue says his main focus right now is to dive straight into tomorrow, making a lasting imprint for all those he has touched and supported musically.

Now days, Dr. Blue fronts his own depression era, old time country band named Dr. Blue & Bad Medicine, and plays lead guitar with TJ Lake in The Dust Bowl Children. You can see him Saturday July 14th with The Dustbowl Children at The Queen Bean, and Thursday July 26th in Turlock for The Troubadour Series at the Sweet River..

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Matty Comer is a local singer and songwriter. He leads the Acoustic Music Society, dedicated to making music more accessible and available to all in our community.