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I keep thinking back to my childhood for inspiration. Originally, I am from a small rural West Georgia country town. I have very fond memories of many 4th of July festivities and various bluegrass festivals that my father would take me to through the Bible Belt. At a young age, I was mesmerized by the sounds of a variety of acoustic instruments. Mandolins, guitars, fiddles, a solemn upright bass, & stunning multiple harmonies consumed my thoughts as a child. I truly never believed that as grown man I would have the ability not only to be a musician, but to create The Acoustic Rock Society as a forum to express a style of music that I have loved my entire life. Now, in second season of shows, I am truly amazed at the caliber of our local music scene.

Most of these musicians began their skills in church singing and elementary school bands at a very young age. Even now, Adam Bishop’s new album is called CHURCH MUSIC, and I receive a text on the first and third Tuesday every month from Dr. Blue stating it is time to go to church…where if you sing from the heart you will set your soul free! That means Bad Medicine is playing and the doctor is in the front of the house. If you are looking for an Americana show, you are in luck. With a couple twists! The Hellbellies will be on fire, I guarantee it.

I am exited to see so many talented and respected musicians and friends in one spot for a FREE show. If you around Turlock, stop in!

Saturday March 3 8 pm Al’s Billiards – 128 Center St. Turlock Performing: -Adam Bishop and the Valley Transit Authority from Turlock -Doug Robinett -Jimbo the Warr guitarrist originally from Turlock -Walnut Road -Dr. Blue and Bad Medicine from Turlock



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