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Alison Moyet at the Fillmore

Alison Moyet
By Efren Martinez

Guess who’s back? Me!
Not really I’ve always been here with my camera covering many of your professional recording artist’s shows in the Bay Area, although not always able to get you some of the epic Modesto View show reviews I get invited to due to my other gig at The Quake DJ. Just recently I was in San Francisco so was the very talented Alison Moyet. You might remember her from her days from the 80’s with the Retro Band “Yaz” Back then I was just a few years younger when I fell in love with her song “Nobody’s Diary” that she wrote when she was just sixteen. It was on her 1983 LP, You and Me Both.

Other songs you might remember grooving to by Yaz were “Don’t Go” “Situation” “State Farm” “Only You”. Since the early 80’s Alison Moyet has always been quite busy in music with new LPs coming out more often as a solo Artist. During her concert, she brought more than just her amazing style of music and beautiful voice but more so an intimate feeling to all of those who were there. As she performed she made us laugh, she gave us love and at times interacted in conversation with her fans on a very personal note of her life decisions in why she sold off the farm and moved into a flat. At times during her concert I actually felt as if I and the rest were more than fans, but more so her guests. In any case, her love for her Art in music really help me understand and relate much more to her latest LP, Other.

Alison’s concert took place on September 25th at The Fillmore in San Francisco. That night she performed much of her new music from her latest LP “Other” and also a great deal of her classics from her days with Yaz as well a long list from all her LP’s since her solo career started. Friends, if it’s been awhile since you’ve heard Alison’s beautiful voice, I’d invite you to check out her latest LP “Other” as well as all her LP’s since her days with Yaz. Some of my favorites songs from her solo career are “Right as Rain” from her 2013 LP release The Minutes “Love Resurrection” 1984 “Ski” Home Time 2002 (Re-Issue) 2015 and of course all of her songs from her latest LP she just released “Other”.<>

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