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All Ages Pages – December

By Abbey Murphy

December feels like the home stretch.  It is crazy busy and we just had Winter Formal. In school there are so many tests and papers due but the holidays make it feel different.  I watch my favorite movies like Christmas Vacation and Family Stone and my sister is home from Berkeley and it is chill time.  But all around me, so much is going on and there is so much to do.


Things on my list this month are:

Del Osso Holiday Winter Farm, the snow slide is a blast.


Walk through the winter wonderland at Morris Nursery, so many lights, trees and decorations


The Nutcracker at the Gallo Center,  yes I used to be a marshmallow in this ballet when I was little, so I have to go see it every year.  The sets get nicer every season and the Gallo Center is so festive.


The funky event this month is the Santa’s Cool Holiday Film fest at the State on Dec 11.  Lots of fun little movies, Santa vs the Martians and more.  You have to check it out.


I love the movie Polar Express and there is nothing like seeing it in the Beautiful State Theatre on Dec 4.  Yes, there will be hot chocolate!



December Music

I am always looking for all ages things to do.  So much of the local music is at the nightclubs and we can’t go, but there are some places you have to check out and some new places you need to know about.


The Off The Air Shows at Deva are a perfect place to hang out. This month Not An Airplane is releasing a new CD on Dec 16.


Josh Rosenblum Band plays every Friday night at the Material Grill in Salida. Good food too!


There is a new place in Salida called the Warehouse.  It is run by the band Stop Motion Poetry and this month they have a show with a local band that has been touring all over the world this last month in Paris, Zurich, London called Evaline and they will be playing a homecoming show with Stop Motion Poetry and Atlas on Dec 17.  This will be an amazing show.  <<pic of Evaline>>


Queen Bean really makes it fun for all ages show and this month there is a real special eventDec 23-  Queen Bean Christmas Special
Trinity Marquez, Molly Gibson, Brandon Sutton, Josh Rosenblum, Brad Clark, Sara Lee
This is an amazing line up of local and national musicians and the event isfree.  All you need to do is bring blanket, jacket, cans of food or toys.  Queen Bean will be giving all donations to:
World Relief Modesto


If you need a New Year’s Day plan, there is a new Kids Karaoke at Yosemite


Winter is the time to start a garden and you can do it with the Peace Life Center.

Continuous: Seeds of Peace Community Garden. 30 plots, each 19×19 feet with own water spigot for rent to grow fruits, veggies, flowers. Each plot is 19×19 feet and has its own water spigot. Occasional gardener events. Free seeds at sign up, scholarships available! Info: Leah, (209) 523-1438 or visit



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