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AllAgesView By Abbey Murphy This summer is going to be a summer to remember, that’s for sure! There are so many exciting things to get involved in and do now that school’s out and the temperature’s rising. One of the best ways to spend those first magical days of summer is, of course, cooling down in the water and basking in the sun! Don’t have a pool? Don’t worry! My friends often go out and (for actually a really cheap price) buy a slip’n’slide that can be used anywhere as long as you have access to a hose!

This is going to be one epic Graffiti Summer! Make sure you, your family, and friends head out to the Graffiti Parade on June 8th. This is a great way to remember what our parents and grandparents did here in Modesto a while ago…. CRUISE. Not familiar with the whole Graffiti scene here in Modesto? I think it’s almost your duty as a citizen in Modesto to host a movie night and watch the classic American Graffiti movie based on our culture here and understand how great and historic our community really is! If you don’t own the movie, the State Theatre will be showing it on June 2.

Now that the school season is over, it’s time to relax and enjoy every minute of summer!There are so many things here to do, so go out and explore!

If you love all ages music like I do, then you need to know that Café Deva hosts the Thursday Night Ramble, and Off the Air shows, this month featuring the amazing French Cassettes on the 29th and all of the shows at the Barkin’ Dog are all ages too. Every Sunday night is Open Mic Night at the Queen Bean. Of course, MoBand in Graceada Park is all ages too! My blanket is ready and I will see you all at Mancini Bowl June 7!



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