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By Leia Johnson

Hi Everyone.
Hopefully your first month of 2015 was spectacular! February is a beautiful time of the year, filled with positive vibes and nice weather. Despite the cold, I want to spend more time outside.

Recently I went with my family on the bike trail at Dry Creek. It was a wonderful way to spend two hours; much better than wasting time on my phone. If you are planning on spending time indoors, do it at the wonderful theaters Modesto has to offer. Mamma Mia, a funny play with all ABBA music, is coming back to town! I saw it a few years ago and it blew my mind. And don’t miss this: On February 8th at The State Theatre, come show your support for young musicians at Modesto Music Instruction’s Student Performance. And after the show inspires you to take lessons, go to and sign up. Also playing at The State is one of my favorite Disney movies. Come see Tarzan for free (WHAT?!!) on February11th. The show starts at 4pm. On Valentine’s Day, the 14th, Rockin’ Jump in Modesto is holding an event called “Rockin’ Saturday”. It’s going to be a great time with fun music and delicious food. Of course, you need to make your way to “Third Thursday Art Walk”. It’s a great time to catch up with friends Downtown while appreciating Modesto’s talented artists, young and old. Hope to see you there on the 19th.

So whether you are on a trampoline, a bike, or a guitar, I hope to see everyone being active and having a great month in the best town there is!



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