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All AgesView by Leia Johnson VMI Rocks! Can you sing or play a musical instrument? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn? Have you ever dreamed of being in a rock band? At the Valley Music Institute (VMI) you can make new friends while showing off your musical talents (even if you’re a total beginner). Check out the signup information at and you can start rocking. Musicians with similar skill levels are put in to groups and practice under the guidance of the talented Darin Morris. Each VMI session is 8 weeks with live gigs at weeks 6 and 8. Recently I attended VMI’s Modstock show at Mancini Bowl in Graceada Park. It made me realize how cool it would be to play on stage in a band in front of an audience. Not only was the Music fun, but there were a bunch of cool vendors in the park. I talked to some of my friends who were performing that day. They said they met some of their best friends and have made amazing memories through VMI. If you don’t think VMI will fit in your schedule this time, remember that there are several sessions throughout the year (but it’s not too late to sign up now). If you’re not sure it will fit you budget, contact VMI. They have a scholarship program! Either way, come see the “Fall Tour” performing at the Rock and Roll Warehouse (501 Bitretto Way) on Oct. 12 and the big show at the Fat Cat (whoa!) on Oct. 26. You might just get inspired.



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