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AuthorView: Elena Carpenter “Trinity” & “Horizon”

by Guest Writer Elena Carpenter


Synopsis of Book One “Trinity: Judgment of the Flaming Sword”

When you live in a small town where legends are told, you begin to question yourself: Can they possibly be true? In one town named Ketra, such stories were told from generation to generation traveling into the minds of citizens that had feared the legend to be true.

One cozy home, the Starr residence, lives Elizabeth and her mother. They didn’t believe the stories. It was summer vacation when their class mates, Danny and Jared, had plans to hike Teak Forks Trail, and invited Lizzy and Sara to join them. No one had hiked the old trail for a long time due to mysterious deaths. Reaching an area during their hike, they found  the Legend is true: The two immortal clans that can transform from human to wolf with supernatural powers. When Lizzy meets Lenzo she finds he has several pets that are also cloned from the dimension Phoenix. The Wekluws, and Bliz his hawk, they too have some supernatural powers.

Trinity is the leader that receives laws from the master and keeps all gateways in control of the realms and dimensions in peace and harmony. The Corzo clan and Ogre clan were divided when Orion broke the laws as he planned to kill Cortize over a woman. He was cast out of their village and then murdered many humans, planning to take control and rule. His son Ozar reigns in his place and continues such evil. Lenzo the son of Cortize the Corzo clan,  must stop them from destroying the human race and for laws to be restored again.


Synopsis of Book Two: “Horizon the sequel”

           The forces of evil spread. Evil Ozar plans to release the dark souls, the Daggers, and use them in his army. Lizzy and her mother Lilly fear the curse of dark powers, a blue moon which brings out night creatures preying on humans at midnight in different forms never seen, crazy Dr. Sae and his experiments to alter humans and animals also causes D-zombies known as defected alters which cannot be cured. Also, several kinds of alters take on odd formations in strength and desire to kill. Two allies join Lenzo, Eora and Horizon to help with the fight. But another dark power rises, Jezeba the evil witch, who also plans to rule. The uniqueness of Nephilim and kraun blood run through her veins, a new hybrid, more powerful and dangerous. Lizzy is now faced with a task in her life: she too must fight in the battles, but the real danger is with Jezeba. She has Dr. Sae cloning a hybrid army of Nephrauns in his lab for her plans to release more demons, which will gain her the ultimate powers to rule over all immortal and mortal worlds.

As a new author, I always enjoyed reading from a young age. I had entered several poetry contest in the pass, that were published.  Reading  many genres, I found many great authors and their books. Reading “Twilight” got me thinking about writing my own story. It started out as fun for me, but later when I told my sister and oldest son, they convinced me to take it further. When I finally finished the manuscript, my son paid to publish “Trinity” then later “Horizon”, and the saga continues in the last book of the trilogy, “Serenity”, which will be out later this year. I continue to love reading and writing, it has now become my passion.
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