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Awesome Local Songs

By Jill Ferris
Jill is a local music and event promoter and does a great job keeping the local bands front and center, matching them up with national touring acts and networking them in to local clubs.  Jill has worked with B92.9 and the MAMA Awards to make sure local bands get star treatment.  This month, she highlights music that you need to hear.

Hi my name is Jill Ferris. I guess I am a promoter but lets just say I organize shows so you can hear great local music like songs listed below. There is so much local music talent and I get asked frequently about what songs are the best to listen to.  So I have compiled some of my favorites.  There’s no hidden tracks or only live songs or unreleased,  so you can easily find them and hear for yourself. Buy local music and support our local bands.

Band                     Track
Nideit                     Stay Home             Nideit is a long time favorite of mine. If you are into melodic punk at all this is definitely the band for you. I also hear they have some new material so my suggestion would be to find a live show. They never disappoint.

We The Same         Leading the Heart Attack      Only a year old and these guys are rocking the scene! I really think that Modesto has needed a band  like this for quite a while. They got that “IT” factor that every great pop/ rock band should have. Girls can’t help but sway their hips and guys rock out. Definitely a must see band!!  OPPORTUNITY ALERT: Aug 26th at Copper Rhino


Irie Tide                  Reef              I got such a soft spot for reggae and wow to have these guys apart of the Modesto scene, right here in our backyard! This is one of those songs you can’t help but smile while you are listening.   OPPORTUNITY ALERT: Sept 9 at Copper Rhino.           

Roy Dean               Sweet Something   Great Folk artist! Roy is not only a great listen but very entertaining to watch. On top of all that he is a very talented tattoo artist who owns his own shop right here in Modesto called Bound For Glory.  OPPORTUNITY ALERT: Oct 7th at Copper Rhino            

City Psychology     Past Due             Indie/ pop band with a very energetic live show! One of my favorite bands to watch do their thing. Never disappointed!  OPPORTUNITY ALERT: Sept 9 at The Copper Rhino.

French Cassettes     Mouth Drum        This was such a hard song to choose, they have so many good ones! This one is off their new album called Summer Darling. I finally settled on this song because it reminds me of one of those perfect summer jams.  If you have not seen this band you are seriously missing out, these guys know how to put on a show! I am mesmerized every time!

American Made Outlaw    Drunk Bastards   This is the punk band you need to know about! I love them, very entertaining and great guys!

Tragic Culture               Creatures              Wow talk about a power house rock band! If you have not seen them you are missing out! They got the look, the sound and the energy. I really do not know what else to say other than check them out!

I really hope you enjoy what you hear. Modesto is so full of talent I am so happy to be apart of it. The show series that I am booking called The Weekly Issue (every Friday night at the Copper Rhino on 10th st) will proudly give the stage to everyone of these bands in the weeks to come so like us on facebook at for more information and if you bring a copy of this issue to the door any Friday in the month of August you will get in 1/2 off! Don’t be a stranger, hope to see you soon!





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