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Bar View- Firkin & Fox

BarView Firkin & Fox By Kate Serpa Photos by Philip Johnson

Oh ModestoView Reader, if I were more akin to mixology…if I could actually pour something that someone either than a compliant encourager or myself might actually enjoy, I could have been a bartender. I could have been a contender. I could be drinking four fingers of Bushmills at 8 a.m. on a Saturday writing this article, but that’s not really the point.

Though I am writing this at the end of October, I will nonetheless confidently congratulate the Giants on their second World Series righteous butt kicking. There was hardly a better way to celebrate the second game shut-out than sitting bar-opposite of Frikin & Fox’s bar manager, Andrew Nolsat, and flanked by the always lovely Philip Johnson.

I’ve been finding myself on a Firkin & Fox barstool quite often as of late. This is likely due to the fact that there’s something about the fall air that drives me to consume double my body weight in delicious beer. Located in the center of downtown and pouring out sixteen drafts in mugs large enough to make you feel as though you’re getting an upper body workout with each sip, Firkin & Fox is, therefore, my November destination.

King of the beer tap castle is bar manager Mr. Andrew Nolsat who has been at Firkin& Fox since its’ Modesto introduction five years ago. Nolsat states he loves the customers at Firkin, the laidback atmosphere, and generally enjoys working the downtown scene; “It beats sitting behind a desk any day.”

Nolsat also states: “We get amazing clientele here; people and performers from Gallo Center, or sports fans to watch the game, and a lot of people from the industry. I do not feel like we’re in competition with other restaurants downtown; we encourage supporting downtown no matter where you go. I also think Firkin really adds to the Modesto scene…. We’re laidback here. You can come eat, drink, play pool, watch the game… We have a huge dining area and are family friendly and reasonably priced.” Yeah, and also they have Stella, New Castle, Smithwicks, Dust Bowl, Hops of Wrath, Angry Orchard, Guinness, Hobgoblin, Sam Addams, Gordon Beirsch, Shock Top, Fruit Tramp, AND hold the only two kegs of Moylan’s Orange and Black Giants celebratory beer in Northern California (note: it’s a hell of a manly brew). I was almost hesitant to ask Andrew about the Coors and Bud Light taps given all of excellent choices. He reinforced my newfound love of Firkin by stating: “These are the least popular. People here love the premiums.”

Speaking of– So, you have yet to be told of Firkin’s beer tasting nights? Very unfortunate; allow me to help. The last Wednesday of every month is “Brewery Night”. For an affordable $15 fee, this means you get to: 1) sample six different beers from that month’s selected brewery, 2) taste a number of tasty beer-paired appetizers, 3) listen to a rep from the selected brewery fill your head with amazing beer-based smarts, and 4) vote on whichbeer you prefer the best– the winning beer is then circulated into the Firkin tap selection. Tickets can be purchased at Firkin, or, you know, you can give me $15 and I’ll promise I’ll pick them up for you. I’m good for it. Trust me.

Amazing beer, tasty late-night bar food, big street-facing windows for premium people watching, and engaging Andrew Nolsat… you’d have to be one of those boring, no-fun sorts of people to not want to stop by.

-Monday Nights – Open Mic Night -LastWednesday of the Month – Brewery Night

Firkin & Fox 1111 I St., Modesto 209.575.2FOX (2369)<>



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