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Daytime drinking can be a beautiful or terrible thing depending on the following stipulations:  First, you should not have a reason to be drinking all day.
BarView Daytime Drinking at Vieira

By Kate Serpa
Photos by Philip Johnson

Daytime drinking can be a beautiful or terrible thing depending on the following stipulations:  First, you should not have a reason to be drinking all day.  Got fired?  Got broken up with?  Got positive test results?  No daytime drinking for you.  Go do responsible things.  Second, you should have absolutely nothing planned for the entire day.  If you do, it should be cancelled.  You’re not going to make it; it’s not going to happen. Cancellations should be done pre-drinking to avoid liability.  Third, it is important not to abbreviate daytime drinking into ‘DD’ as not to confuse others around you when announce you’re ‘DDing’ today.  Fourth, location, location, location. You’ll need someplace with a full bar, reasonably priced alcohol, an awesome bartender, and preferably lacking windows (to engage the Las Vegas-effect).

I’m a bit embarrassed it’s taken me this long to write about Vieira’s as I have been going there pretty regularly since I hit drinking age, and because they’re a bit of a Modesto bar staple.   As far as daytime drinking goes, Vieira’s has a full bar, including a collection of bottled IPA’s, probably the best priced drinks in town, big booths, the lovely Michelle Borges wielding bottles behind the bar, and is completely void of windows.  Do we understand each other here?  Prime DDing location, people.  This family-owned establishment also sports pool tables, darts, and is conveniently attached to Bauer’s late-night restaurant (which is, I kid you not, amazing), just in case you make it all day and need to eat something afterwards.

Ms. Michelle, whose hobbies include shooting guns, bowling, and reading, is a Vieira’s fixture and a shot-pouring machine.  She and I discussed the varied day-to-night phases of the Vieira’s clientele, the reemergence of old-school cocktails in relation to the popularity of Mad Men, the versatility of espresso vodka, and a mutual love of Vieira’s.   Phil was too invested in enjoying a big plate of Bauer’s pulled-pork sliders to contribute to the conversation.

Do not feel obligated to limit your Vieira’s outings exclusively to daytime drinking; they also have a popular night scene as well. Plus, it would be awkward if you were there daytime drinking while I was there daytime drinking…. we’d have to promise to cover each other’s stories.  And I’m sure if we asked nicely Michelle would agree to be our alibi.

Vieira’s signature drink is undoubtedly their $7 pitchers of PBR, but since they may be difficult to replicate at home for us keg-less kids, Michelle kindly provided us with three alternatives:

Tequila Drop:
-Combine Sweet & Sour, fresh lemon juice, and your choice of tequila in a shaker
-Shake and strain into a sugar-rimmed shot glass

Morphine Drip:
-Pour 1Ž2 Butterscotch Schnapps and 1Ž2 Amaretto in a shot glass.
-Add in a splash of Bacardi 151
-Expert level:  Light it on fire!  I shouldn’t have to remind you to use caution, and blow out the damn fire before you consume it.

House-made Bloody Mary
(Michelle’s secret ingredient not included)
-Combine 2 oz. vodka, 3 oz. tomato juice.  Add a dash of Worcestershire, Tabasco, horseradish, celery salt, and black pepper, and pour over a highball with ice.
-Garnish as you see fit.  Yes, more vodka counts as a garnish.

Vieira’s Lounge
1700 McHenry Ave., Modesto 209.571.3900



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