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By Chris Murphy
Photos: Michael J Mangano

DoGood GINger Martini
“I am so into ginger right now” explains Raw Bartender and health and fitness trainer Melinda Jaco. When she is not getting people into shape, she is working on ways to create fresh tasting cocktails that DoGood for the body. The DoGood Tiki Gin is one of those spirits that can play well with fresh ingredients like ginger, that she muddles to form the base of the GINger Martini.

On any normal day, the bar is usually packed and Melinda knows many by name and is quick to offer a food and drink recommendation Melinda totally enjoys working on new creations, and one if her favorite things to do at Raw is create fresh cocktails that work with the fresh sushi and other Japanese style food. When you take the first sip of the GINger Martini, you feel a tingling of freshness and a drink that tastes and feels light. “Eat, drink and be skinny and healthy” Melinda says. One of the reasons it tastes so fresh is that the elder flower St. Germain, brings out the fresh ginger.

Go out and get yourself some DoGood Tiki Gin. If you don’t want to try this yourself, please head to Raw and ask for the DoGood GINger Martini You will leave feeing refreshed and will have a great time.

Muddle Fresh Sliced Ginger
Add Elder flower St. Germain
Blend in a shaker with ice and add a 1Ž2 of a lime
Shake like crazy and pour into a Martini glass
Add Ginger Beer to taste

Raw Sushi
1200 I St. Modesto, CA
(209) 566-9560

DoGood Distillery
3173 Del Este, Modesto 95357 209-484-6406
Tasting room M-F 9-6pm
Saturday 3-7pm



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