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BarView – Heart Like a Lion

By Chris Murphy
Heart Like a Lion
The bar at Dewz is beautiful. This is a showcase and right there in the middle of it, Jeremiah Hickman is mixing up something really special. You get that great vintage feel when you are sitting at the bar, so we are going back to 1926 for a drink that is a tribute to Do Good’s Jim Harrelson, the Lions Tail, now renamed Heart Like a Lion as it was one of his favorite songs. Jim was passionate about this Bourbon and the DoGood Team make sure every batch is fantastic

Jeremiah is a craftsman. This drink had the vintage treatment, slowly made, as the Demerara Syrum and the Dram are mixed and fresh lime juice is added, giving it that little tart flavor and then the Amaro Di Angostura is measured into the spoon and the blend is complete. This drink is shaken very well and then double strained into a chilled coup glass.

I love those drinks that have a little bit of tart to them as well as that rich DoGood California Bourbon flavor. This is one you really need to try, sit and enjoy in one of the big comfy chairs in the bar, look out the window and people watch, or hang out with friends. Jeremiah says that Shawna and Eddie are amazing bartenders and thinks this is a great way to wrap up a busy day, or with an appetizer before dinner.

2oz California Bourbon
.5 oz Rich Demerara Syrup
.5 oz All Spice Dram
.75 oz lime juice
Bar spoon of Amaro Di Angostura

1505 J Street, Modesto 95354
M-Th – 11 am -9:30 pm Fri until 10:30
Saturday 5-10:30

DoGood Distillery
3173 Del Este, Modesto 95357 209-484-6406
Distillery Tour February 10th 4-7pm
Tasting room M-F 9-6pm
Saturday 3-7pm



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