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BarView -The Log Cabin

Dive into 2015 at Log Cabin Bar

By Kate Serpa
Photos by Phil Johnson

The whirlwind of December parties, spending, drinking, and general hall decking can leave anyone feeling a bit holiday-hungover come January. I think a big, fat palate cleanser is on the booze menu after two months of holiday peppermint, chocolate, and pumpkin freaking spice flavored martinis. I’m implementing a no whipped cream-top or graham cracker-rim bar on January drinking, and I’ve given Phil a stun gun and instructions to look out for offenders. Time to detox from that sugar and get back to the basics, like whiskey.

The Log Cabin Bar basically has all of your New Years resolutions covered: Want to get in shape? Saturdays mean live music to get your flabby butt dancing. Want to save money? Log Cabin Happy Hour is absolutely unbeatable. Want to get out and travel more? The place is in Turlock! Take more risks? Karaoke is on Wednesday and Friday. And, hey, if you’re trying to eat better, get your week’s worth of vegetables in during their Sunday Bloody Mary bar. Resolution success can be attained. I believe in you.

This is not your cheese plate, martini, and inside voice setup — it’s more of a big mugs of beer, big shots of whiskey, and loud live music situation. Bar manager, Lolo, the lovely lady responsible for keeping your resolutions alive through January, perfectly sums it up: “No frills; all fun.”
Log Cabin proudly wears its dive bar badge. Taxidermy, marked up dollar bills, retired beer taps, and worn baseball caps cover the ceiling and walls. Add in Lolo pouring big ol’ shots, a resident one-eyed cat, and a back patio for smoking, drinking, and live music watching/dancing and you’ve got yourself a choice January hideout.

The Log Cabin has been around since the 30’s, giving the place over 80 damn years of staying power; so obviously they’re doing something right. Whiskey and beer are the bar’s big contenders, catering to both the daily regulars and the late-night music-goers.

And this might be a tad sentimental, but Phil and I couldn’t stop laughing during the whole interview. Lolo was hilarious and personable, the bar patrons were hilarious and personable — Larry, the gentleman sitting next to me, told me more about Turlock over his Crown and water than you could read off any Wikipedia page; all this prompting Phil to make a rare statement on our trek back to Modesto: “That is a great place.”

Affordable? Check. Off the usual track? Check. Got your New Years resolution bases covered? Damn straight. Fun? Log Cabin has been officially Phil approved.
Happy New Year, Modesto.

The Log Cain
9519 West Main Street, Turlock, CA




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