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Berlin on the Boardwalk

Berlin On The Boardwalk
By Efren Martinez

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk still remains a yearly must do for the whole family. With endless fun, awesome attractions and free concerts, it’s a good investment to visit them several times during the summer. On July 17th I got to experience the 80’s Retro band Berlin featuring Terri Nunn. Like all of The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk shows that are part of the concert series, it’s 2 shows for the price of one and the price couldn’t be better; free! Both of Berlins performances that day/night were golden and Terri Nunn took everyone’s breath away with her energy and beauty. For most of us who were teenagers in the 80’s we grew up with their music and everyone back then had Berlin’s LP Pleasure Victim on vinyl. During the show, Terri Nunn was real good about working the stage as she moved from side to side and at one point she made her way down to sing within the crowd. Honestly, she surprised me. I didn’t expect her to walk behind me as I was purchasing her merchandise off to the side of the stage. Regardless, the fans loved it and a few of them actually got to dance on stage with her. Another of the show’s highlight was when David Diamond, one of the original members of Berlin, shared the stage for an acoustic version of their song “No More Words.” I’ve included both staged set-lists below and even though I did enjoy a great deal of their classic hits, I wouldn’t have had a problem hearing the entire LP from Berlin’s latest CD Animal. The CD was released in 2013 and has been a steady listening favorite in my car. Seriously, if you don’t already own Berlins LP Animal, it’s a must have. Below is my interview with Terri Nun from Berlin.

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalks 2015 Concert Schedule

Berlins Terri Nunn Interview
A few days prior to Berlins show at The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, I hooked up with Terri Nunn by phone to bring you this Modesto View interview.

MV: What was it like to get back in the studio with the band to record Animal?

TN: It was an exciting collaboration with some of the best minds in the music industry that included two very talented females, Beth Waters and Larisa Bryski. Both ladies helped me open up my horizons and create that album.

MV: How long did it take you to get Animal produced and how did it unfold?

TN: It was quite awhile actually, I mean it wasn’t a constant work in progress. I first started working on it with John King in 2012 and the two songs by Beth Waters and Larisa Bryski I had already written prior to but I didn’t have a direction for the album yet. So between individual songs that I either met the women on and fell in love with their music and we created something together, or I heard the song and contacted the writer and said, look I really like the song I think it’s really good, can we collaborate on it. So that was prior, but John King was in 2012, then Derek Cannavo came along and we released it at the end of 2013. So it actually took over a year.

MV: When it comes to writing most of Berlin’s songs, is it a collaboration from everyone in the band or is it just Terri Nunn?

TN: Oh no it’s always a collaboration, I have to collaborate, I’m not a composer I write lyrics and melodies.

MV: What’s your most favorite song you like to perform off your latest LP Animal?

TN: I would have to say it’s between Animal and Mom.

MV: Any particular reason why on either song?

TN: (Mom) That’s the first song I ever wrote about my mother, she passed away in 2007 and when Beth Waters approached me with the song, I fell in love with the music and it was time to write something about my mom because that was back in 2008. So I wrote that song like a year after mom had passed on and I felt comfortable with the timing and I really hoped that this song comes off to the listeners as honest and in honoring her.

MV: After doing some research, looks like all of your songs on Berlins LP Animal are doing quite well, but your title song Animal seems to be the lead thus far as in favorites. What’s your take on why that might be?

TN: Hmm, I don’t know; but out of all the songs we collaborated on together this was the first song both of us wrote together, we were like blown away by the power of that song and the fact that it was the first output/creative endeavored, it was like WOW! It kind of like exploded into the room and took off. It also solidified our commitment to each other for rest of the creativity of the album. Efren, there’s just something explosive about that song.

MV: Scooting back to the 80’s and your LP Pleasure Victim, what was your inspiration for your song Sex, I am?

TN: That was during a time when me and my boyfriend were getting into a rut sexually and I thought maybe we could role play and do some fun different things. So I presented the idea to him and he kind of looked at me and said; ya know Terri I,.. I’m just a guy, I don’t like that, I’m not a Pirate, I’m not a Burglar or any of the rest of these role playing ideas you have, I’m just a regular guy. So with that, the music and lyrics came around during that time because I was all of these different things and my boyfriend at that time was well, just a regular guy.

MV: After all these years, do you still find yourself having pre-show jitters prior to each show?

TN: No, not as much and I greatly appreciate that and it still really depends on the show. For example a couple of years ago I played for Congress and I was very nervous, I had never played for Congress before and I didn’t really know what kind of people they would be as an audience or just as people in general. So I was very nervous before that show. I don’t generally look at an audience before I go out on stage, it just makes me too nervous usually so, I sometimes still am a little nervous for the first song because it’s the first time I’m seeing everybody so that’s why it can be a little jittery, but it’s a lot better now then when I was in my 20’s and scared all the time prior to a show.

MV: Have you ever performed at The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and do you prefer an outdoor venue verses indoor?

TN: Yes, we’ve played The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalks a few times, it’s one of my favorite venues, it’s amazing! It’s absolutely gorgeous, your right up against the ocean, people bring their blankets and the fans are on the beach, along the railings and enjoying the concert from every angel. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk really does a wonderful job in putting together this massive huge party that goes on all day long.

MV: What kind of show can your fans expect to experience at any one of your upcoming concerts?

TN: A lot of music and performance surprises; we always for sure play a majority of everyone’s past favorites along with some songs from our latest album Animal. As far as surprises, during this tour we will have on occasion another one of the original Berlin band members Mr. David Diamond join us on stage as a special guest Star. We will also be playing some of our new songs from our upcoming album that we’ll be releasing in 2016.

Efren Martinez

Berlin 2015 Shows/Tickets

Berlin Band Members
Terri Nunn- Vocals
Carlton Bost – Guitars
Chris Olivas – Drums
Dave Schulz – Keyboards

Los Angeles, CA

Record Label
INgrooves / Something Music


Berlin – Animal [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Berlin Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Show 1) (Set-list 1)
NO MORE WORDS (with special guest David Diamond)

Berlin Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Show 2) (Set-list 2)
NO MORE WORDS/DREAMS (With David Diamond)



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