BigView – Oakdale Rodeo 2014

The BigView – Oakdale Rodeo

By Chris Murphy

There is so much variety here in the “greater Modesto area” a.k.a. Stanislaus County. We have awesome urban dining, world-class music, concerts in the park, a great community full of dynamic people and some giant festivals and events. When I was in high school in the 70s, one of the big events had a visit from Farrah Fawcett Majors, accompanied by then Bionic Man Lee Majors. Yes It’s true. (Admit it, you had the same poster I had) This was huge. Why were they here? Well they were here for the world-famous Oakdale Rodeo. The Oakdale Rodeo is one of the legendary events in the cowboy world. It is no wonder that Oakdale has billed itself as the “Cowboy Capitol of the World” for most of the years since Oakdale was founded in 1871.

Thanks to: Rodeo Details: Kevin Fox Photo Images: Courtesy of the Oakdale Saddle Club Collection

Today, Oakdale still lives this lifestyle. Rodeo animals parade the streets, the Miss Oakdale Rodeo is crowned and the entire city celebrates at many of the local bars and venues that stay true to the cowboy culture and the Oakdale Rodeo Grounds host world-class completion that attracts the superstars of rodeo. The Oakdale Rodeo has been celebrating this rich and fun tradition since the first champions of the Rodeo, Ike Rude / Willie Clay were crowned in 1948. Since 1951, the annual Oakdale Rodeo been a must do event in the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) Rodeo season. The Oakdale Rodeo was the first outdoor rodeo in the Western US and today is one of the largest yearly traditions of the PRCA circuit. The serious championships that take place on the rodeo grounds make this weekend so much more than a great festival. Records will be broken and you may see a new cowboy/cowgirl superstar emerge. The main events are Saturday and Sunday at the rodeo grounds.

Even if you are just a city slicker or metro-cosmopolitan individual, there is so much fun to be had all week long in Oakdale. There are parties, music and frivolity at the bars and restaurants and the action at the Rodeo grounds is exciting with exhilarating thrills and spills. We had a blast when we went during high school and you will enjoy it no matter how old you are. Be a part of history and you will get a “new View” of our community and meet many new friends.

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Miss Oakdale Rodeo Coronation The passing of the crown of Miss Oakdale Rodeo takes place every year at the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce Mixer at the Cowboy Museum. There will be fun events and adult Sarsaparilla. See who will accept the crown from 2013 beginning at 5 pm at the Oakdale Cowboy Museum.

Downtown Parade Bring all the family, little cowboys and cowgirls, your animals and come out to one of the most unique parades ever. Begins at 9 am Saturday April 12. The parade route begins at F and Mann, through town and it ends at F Street and Maag Ave. at the Foothill Shopping Center. The Judging stands are in front of the H-B saloon and Ryderz restaurant.

Clamper Monument The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus (a.k.a The Clampers) has raised historical plaques in many places throughout the west with a traditional “doin’s,” or party, after each plaque dedication. These are now common in historical areas around California and the West. The Clampers are making a very special presentation this year honoring the living history of the Oakdale Saddle Club for their dedication to the Cowboy culture, both history and the future. “When you purchase a ticket to the Oakdale Rodeo, and as soon as you walk through the gates you are walking back into time and you are participating in the living history of the western life style of the Cowboy. This is truly a living history.” said Charles “Animal” McIntyre, Noble Grand Humbug of Estanislao Chapter #58. The monument dedication will take place at 11:00 AM, Saturday April 5 2014 at the Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo Grounds. 1624 E. F St., Oakdale

Here is your handy dandy cheat sheet for the Oakdale Rodeo Events Tue April 7: Local Team Roping Admission FREE Begins at 6:30 P.M. at the Rodeo Grounds

Wed April 8: SOLD OUT EVENT 14th Annual Cowgirl Luncheon hosted by the Oakdale Cowboy Museum at the Gene Bianchi Community Center 11:30 A.M-1:00 P.M. Tickets by reservation.

Thu April 9: Barrel Racing Slack At the Rodeo Grounds Begins at 4:00 P.M. Admission $2

Thu April 9: Coronation of Miss Rodeo & Oakdale Chamber of Commerce Mixer hosted by the Oakdale Cowboy Museum, w/ Adult Sarsaparillas Thursday, 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 pm at the Cowboy Museum

Friday, April 10th Slack Begins… All Timed Events Begins at 8 A.M. Admission $2 Open Roping begins at 3 pm — Rodeo Grounds Admission $2

Friday Night, April 11: Kat Country 103 Kickoff Party Live Music and Rodeo Contestant Meet and Greet! Rookies Sports Bar & Grill 1251 E Yosemite Ave, Manteca, CA. 9pm Rodeo Ticket Giveaway Blowout!

Fri Apr 11: Rodeo Week Black Velvet Rope Party Bachi’s H bar B Saloon, Voted one of the “Best Cowboy Bars in the West” by American Cowboy Magazine. It’s the place to get your Rodeo weekend started! Fri Apr 11: ROCK 96.7 Rodeo Ramp Up Party at the Battered Beaver. Show up early or expect to wait in line!

Sat Apr 12: Rodeo Parade Begins at 9:00 A.M. F Street, Downtown Oakdale. Sat Apr 12: Rodeo Gates Open approx 10:30 am for ticket holders Special presentation to KAT Country 103’s Dave Holmes and Ryn Stevens Performance #1 63rd Annual Oakdale Rodeo Grand Entry Begins at 1:30 P.M. at the Rodeo Grounds. Barrel man: Clint Sylvester Bull Fighter: Rick Moffatt and Chance Jackson Specialty Act John Payne the one armed bandit 12 Time Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) “Specialty Act of the Year” Oakdale Rodeo Dance: with live entertainment: California Outlaws and The Cat Fish Boys 7:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. 21 and over $10 at the door, at the Rodeo Grounds

Sunday, April 13th Cowboy Church – Ask a Cowboy about it. Performance #2 Gates Open at 10:30 with tickets 63nd Annual Oakdale Rodeo Grand Entry Begins at 1:30 P.M. at the Rodeo Grounds. Barrel man: Clint Sylvester Bull Fighters: Rick Moffatt and Chance Jackson Specialty Act John Payne the one armed bandit 12 Time Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) “Specialty Act of the Year” Rodeo Admission: Adults~ $15 online $20 at Gate, 7 to 12 years ~ $10, Kids under 6 years are FREE. Weekend RV Parking SPECIAL Available visit<> For more Info call (209) 847-4083

Oakdale Rodeo All-Around Champions 2013–Jim Ross Cooper 2012– Ryle Smith 2011– Blake Hirdes 2010– Trevor Brazile 2009 — Joseph Parsons, 2008 — Luke Branquinho, 2007 — Casey Here is a complete list: Oakdale Rodeo All-Around Champions 2009 — Joseph Parsons, 2008 — Luke Branquinho, 2007 — Casey Branquinho, 2006 — Clint Robinson, 2005 — Garrett Nokes, 2004 — Garrett Nokes, 2003 — Jeff Miller, 2002 — Joe Butterfield, 2001 — Troy Murray, 2000 — Daniel Green, 1999 — Joe Beaver, 1998 — Todd Suhn, 1997 — Brad Goodrich, 1996 — Dee Pickett, 1995 — Trav Cadwell, 1994 — Speed Williams, 1993 — Jerold Camarillo/Ed Hirdes, 1992 — Jerold Camarillo, 1991 — Casey Minton, 1990 — Ron Currin, 1989 — Mike Beers, 1988 — D.R. Daniels, 1987 — Dave Smith, 1986 — Leo Camarillo, 1985 — Paul Petska, 1984 — Dee Pickett, 1983 — Ed Hirdes, 1982 — Leo Camarillo, 1981 — Mike Beers, 1980 — Flint Hemsted, 1979 — Flint Hemsted, 1978 — Larry Ferguson, 1977 — Ken Gripp, 1976 — Arnold Felts, 1975 — Frank Santos, 1974 — Howard Nichols, 1973 — Frank Santos, 1972 — Anson Thurman, 1971 — Doug Brown, 1970 — Allen Keller, 1969 — Kenny Stanton, 1968 — Jim Houston, 1967 — Bill Martinelli, 1966 — John W. Jones, 1965 — Lowell James, 1964 — Jack Gomez, 1963 — Dale Smith, 1962 — Dale Smith, 1961 — Bob Robertson, 1960 — Gene Rambo, 1959 — Bert France, 1958 — Bill Linderman, 1957 — Harley May, 1956 — Jackie Wright, 1955 — Glen Hone, 1954 — Cotton Rosser, 1953 — Clay Carr, 1948 — Ike Rude / Willie Clay



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