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BigView: What Can We Look Forward to in 2017?

“So much to look forward to in the new year. As we can see Modesto evolving right before our eyes, 2017 is bringing a whole new dimension to our area. From new events to new businesses showing our area love and support. 2017 is also a celebratory year for so many incredible things. One of them being the 50th year anniversary of ‘Summer of Love’. My company Laser Voodoo Productions will be spicing up and lighting the stage of the anniversary celebration in Golden Gate Park, Polo Fields in San Francisco. Estimated a hundred thousand people in attendance, it is not to be missed. I can go on and on about the coming year but I want to save some surprises. Most of all I am excited to make great changes in our community making this area one of the greatest places to live. I strive and want people to say, ‘I’m proud to live in Modesto California.”
-Brian Friend of Laser Voodoo



“We are hopefully growing more & more in 2017. We will continue to encourage our local artists by way of hosting multiple artistic events/sketch parties. We will also continue to bring artists from outside of the area to inspire up & coming artists as well as excite comic fans. We look to be a BIG force in the Central Valley Nerd Community for 2017 & beyond!”
-Sean Beck of Invincible Comics



“Hopefully, somewhere else, because The Flowers are running out of places to play here in Modesto. 2016 was the best year of my life, so in 2017 The Flowers are going to have to work twice as hard to top everything we did this year. If you think we did a lot of stuff this year, that was only the start.”
-Christian Boyatt of The Flowers



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