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BrewView: Drink your Halloween

BrewView: Drink your Halloween
by Brandilyn Brown and Christopher Mitchell

Halloween is defined by mystery, the afterlife, intrigue, fairy tales and of course, creepy potions! The ViewCrew found the best drinks for your eerie festivities. Freak out your friends, spook your parents, tease your neighbors, and delight the ghouls with these chilling drinks! Maybe one of these are in the skull on the cover that the Frankensteins are enjoying?

Pumpkin Spice Margarita
A soft blend of Camarena and Triple Sec with a luscious combination of special ingredients, encased in a brown sugar rim, yum! This is not your typical margarita, this will complete your obsession of pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, and pumpkin coffee.
Fuzio Universal Bistro 1020 10th St Suite 100, Modesto, CA

A delicious mix of light and dark rum with a sweet pineapple kick. MMMMMM, brains!
Minnie’s, 107 McHenry Ave Modesto

Midnight Massacre
This drink is good zombie combat fuel. Made with macadamia nut rum, it has a nutty fall flavor, while still being uniquely delicious and sweet.
Run Around Sue’s, 1419 Mitchell Rd, Modesto

Candy Corn
A fun Jägermeister and midori mix, that looks like the classic Halloween candy.
Donoby’s, 2401 E. Orangeburg Ave #35, Modesto

Black Magic
A mysterious mix of Guinness and Blue Moon. A festive take on a Black & Tan.
Green Goblin
Like a Midori Sour, but better! This mix of vodka, Midori, rum, and Pucker will have you ready to take on Spiderman!
Vampire’s Kiss
As beautiful as it is deadly! This cocktail contains vodka, Chambord and cranberry.
Pumpkin Pie
This is autumn in a glass. A sweet blend of pumpkin liquor, rum, Kahlua and milk.
P.Wexford’s, 3313 McHenry Ave, Modesto


Bonus BrewView event!

The Century Downtown is having an open house October 10th at 5pm. Take a tour of the 100+ year old wedding and event venue! The theme is “Rose Gold Romance.”  Two specialty cocktails will be served, the Apple Cinnamon Moscow Mule and a Cardamom Rose Cocktail created by the talented David Eclevia of Mobile Mixologist, the Century’s premier cocktail bar. If you’re looking to get hitched, or are interested in using the Mobile Mixologist at your next event come try them out!. You must RSVP to this free event to get your cocktail (also included is a glass of champagne) You will also get your photo taken in their photo booth and get samples of delicious treats! RSVP at the event landing page on their facebook or call (209) 451-2292. The Century Modesto 927 10th Street, Modesto, CA 95354



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