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BrewView: Sangria

BrewView: Sangria
by Brandilyn Brown and Christopher Mitchell

Sangria has been a beloved beverage for centuries. We can thank Spain for this refreshing, easy-to-drink beverage. It’s grown even more in popularity in the last few years, and Starbucks just introduced a non-alcoholic tea-based version.  There are fewer alcoholic beverages as refreshing as Sangria.
Sangria is traditionally a red wine punch, though a white wine version called “Sangria Blanca” can be found. The wine is then mixed with juice, and now-a-days also with soda water or brandy, for extra flavor and to increase the alcoholic percentage.
On a hunt for Sangria in the valley (and out hunting for Pokemon), we stopped at Tresetti’s World Caffe in downtown Modesto. We walked in and asked the hostess if this world café carried the delicious Spanish drink, and to our happiness, they did!
She sat us down at the winebar, we ordered some BBQ shrimp tacos, caught a Mankey, and waited for our drinks.


Moments later, our precious rosy drinks arrived, garnished with orange slices. Tresseti’s makes their Sangria with a red wine blend from house reds, brandy, and fresh fruit juice varying with the seasons. This time of year it is berries and oranges. A fruity, smooth, light mix of deliciousness was in that glass!

A cool drink to consume in such a lovely atmosphere, that comes with a great price tag, located in the heart of downtown? Do I have a pokeball designed to catch such a bottle of Sangria?

Tresetti’s World Caffe
927 11th St, Modesto



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