BrewView: Time To Get Tapped 

BrewView: Time To Get Tapped
by Brandilyn Brown and Christopher Mitchell

While ciders have a huge scene in the UK, they have been slowly gaining popularity here in the States. We in the Valley now have our very own cidery, Tapped Apple Cider, in Salida, and with ciders this delicious, it’s going to greatly contribute to our cider scene.

Wells Mounday and Corey Martin, who met through their kids, started this dream 3 years ago. Wells was on a Paleo diet and avoiding beer, and Corey, who simply doesn’t enjoy beer, had a cider tasting night. They tried various major brands and although they had favorites (Ace Joker or Hornsby’s) thought most were too dry or not flavorful enough and they decided to make their own.

Their love of homebrew cider turned business when they were able to find a building in Salida that met all their needs, including price point, which they couldn’t find in Modesto. “We wanted it in Modesto, but everything was too expensive. The Salida community welcomed us with open arms, and have been our biggest supporters. The Chamber of Commerce has been so helpful and supportive, we couldn’t have done this without them.” said Corey. Their hard work paid off when they opened in October 2017.

The cider is made from all local ingredients, and without sulfates or nitrates. They have 5 taps currently, and can promise that one of them will always pour a savory, such as cinnamon or ginger, for patrons who don’t like sweet ciders. The five current taps are Original Draft (apple), BluPom (blueberry pomegranate), Stone Fruit (peach apricot), Scorched Apple (cinnamon) and Concert in the Park (cranberry apple). The BluPom is a limited edition fundraiser for Autism Speaks, and 10% of all it’s sales will go to the non-profit. While that one was super fruity, our favorite was the Concert in the Park. “It got it’s name because as we sampled it, we thought this would be perfect to drink at the concert in the park.” We concur, it’s light and refreshing! Who is responsible for choosing such cool names? “Wells is the genius behind that,” says Corey, “He named the Sleepy Hollow and the Two Lincolns.”  Puzzled, I asked about the Two Lincolns. “Its cider with oak chips.” As bourbon lovers that sounds right up our alley! You bet we’ll be the first in line when they make a new batch of that! Try all 5 current flavors on tap in a flight for only $7!

You are welcome to bring in food to eat while you drink, or you can bring a growler home to enjoy! Growlers range from $10-$15.

Sipping on some Stone Fruit, Brandi asked ModestoView’s notorious question “Beatles or Stones?” Both Wells and Corey are Stones fans. Perhaps she’s prophetic? Nah!
While you can’t get them on store shelves due to the nature of preservative-free cider, you can stop in the tasting room Friday 3pm to 9pm, or Saturday from 2pm to 9pm, or catch them pouring at local events. They will be at the Taste of Hughson and the Stanislaus County Faire.

Tapped Apple Cider
5648 Pirrone Rd.
Salida, California




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