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Center for Human Services Opening New Location

We are so excited about the Center for Human Services relocating to a bigger, better building to serve our community.

There is a great need to provide counseling and other mental health treatment, housing, leadership training and all kinds of assistance to our residents. When a parent is having a hard time with a teenager, or a loved one is seeking drug counseling resources for a relative, or launching a foster youth into adulthood with life skills, the Center for Human Services is the place to go.

The new facility will allow them 6,000 more square feet, including the addition of 3 counseling offices. Those 3 offices alone will allow 7,500 more hours (annually) of counseling to people who need it. Think about that: 7,500 hours is the equivalent of watching the movie Titanic 2,500 times. It’s 937 nights of sleep. It’s a trip around the world 312 times. It’s 7,500 hours that are going to make a difference in the life of our friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

There will also be larger rooms, meaning CHS will no longer need to rent larger facilities for host groups and sessions, which means more monies can go directly to services. That’s a win-win for everyone!

The second floor will be a “landing space” for all the school counselors to give them space and equipment to complete paperwork, complete referrals, or do research.

One of the best parts is a consolidated lobby, a “home base”. An entrance with a receptionist who can guide the patient anywhere they need to go, complete with a kids area where they can play and have social interaction with one another in safe and nurturing environment.

The new building, which is beautiful and homey, will provide 33% more services than before. With our economy still climbing uphill, and the Affordable HealthCare Act bringing so many families access to care they did not have before, this is the best thing that could happen in our city. 23,000 children, families and individuals were served last year. The 33% increase would bring that to 30,590.

This building is also very recognizable, and it visible from one of the busiest roads in Modesto. It is a permanent advertisement, and a beacon of hope saying ,”Come here for help! We want to help you!” They believe that Stanislaus County is only as strong as it’s most vulnerable families, so they are going to empower, strengthen, teach and love Modesto to be an incredibly strong city. Person by person, family by family, CHS is making our city better.

They are also very close to their goal of $1 million dollars. At the tour on April 28th, Gallo presented a donation of $100,000 bringing their total to nearly $850,000! Gallo will also match the next gift of $100,000, so now is the time to make your gift count!

New location:
2000 W. Briggsmore Ave, Modesto
Estimated to be open mid-June 2015



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