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By Chris Murphy

Modesto Champions
As spring is springing up all over Modesto, there are a couple of people that are really make sure that our city is getting better everyday. As Modesto, and other communities battle chronic homelessness, people in Modesto are standing up and being champions and making sure we don’t let our streams, rivers, and bike paths get overcome and are safe for people.

Chris Guptill and Darin Jesberg are two of these champions. They have organized Dry Creek and Tuolumne River clean ups in the recent years. This project is so very important and their efforts are to be commended. They have developed a really good network of volunteers that have taken hundreds of tones of garbage, shopping carts, encampments, and even drug paraphernalia from these waterways and trails. We hope that the city and county are making progress on homelessness in our region so that these acts of kindness become a rarer occurrence efforts can be focused elsewhere. It is all about making progress and making people part of a bigger effort and our ModestoView congratulations go out to Chris and Darin and our community owes them a debt of gratitude.

Chris Guptill – Operation 9 to 99 Project
Darin Jesberg – Dry Creek Trail Coalition
Here is our interview with Darin where you can learn more.



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