Cheerleading try-out scheduled at MJC

Cheerleading try-out scheduled at MJC Modesto Junior College will hold a cheerleading try-out on Friday, October 10, beginning at 10 a.m. on the practice field located at the north end of the Stadium on East Campus. The tryout is for students who want to be on the team that will cheer during the basketball season. MJC is seeking individuals with either cheerleader or dance experience and the auditions are open to both men and women. Students who are selected for the Spirit Team must enroll in a minimum of 6 units at MJC for the spring semester that begins January 12, 2015. They are not required to be a full time MJC student. There will be a cost for Spirit Team uniforms for those selected to participate. Women are asked to wear shorts, non-crop tops and tennis shoes to the try-outs. Men are asked to wear warm-up pants, t-shirt and tennis shoes. For more information on the auditions contact Linda Cabral, MJC Spirit Team coach, at (209) 634-6846 or>. Linda Cabral MJC Spirit Team Coach (209) 634-6846>-MJC- Modesto Junior College Follow MJC on Facebook:



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