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ChefView-Barking Dog

Chef View By Dana Johnson

Dana, the Burger, & the Band!

It was a Thursday, as soon as I entered the Barkin’ Dog Grill in downtown Modesto on 11th St.  I’m not exactly sure why… but I was reminded of that cool old jam by Shirley Bassey, Hey Big Spender!  “The minute you walked in the joint!” Sassy-classy, just like the ambiance you immediately feel facing the 1946 brick wall reflecting off the sparkling chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Oh yeah, there was a jazz band playing and a Dana~licious fave in the air as the beef was grilling!

Owners, Hannibal and Evin Yadegar opened this NYC/Chicago cozy feel restaurant 9 years ago. Hannibal prides the restaurant’s success to the quality of ingredients and the loyal (addicted, ha ha!) customers who keep coming back along with more friends!  Hannibal and Evin have a 5 year old son named Atanous David, who also enjoys being around the family business. Hannibal told me he plans on being there for a long time. His love for the patrons is equal to what many of them express to him.  Evin works at Delta College as a costume and set designers in the theatrical department. Evin was the one who found the brick wall hiding behind the dull plaster wall that encouraged them to buy this eclectic place. Evin also gets for the credit for creating the swanky interior design. A real feel good atmosphere!

So you must be wondering what’s on the menu at a place called the Barkin’ Dog Grill. The name actually aspired from a beloved dog that has since passed, who was quite a barker! Yep, from naked dogs to Chicago style hot dogs, Philly cheesesteaks, creamy tomato basil soup, rings, & fries, yes there is much more! Two dinner entrees, New York strip or seared salmon served with garlic mashed potatoes, and pesto spinach. See the full wine list that pairs well with that. But for me, I was torn between 2 different burgers and the magnificent thick milkshake! The first burger was the gorgonzola bleu. The organic beef, grass fed, (no hormones & no antibiotics) grilled to perfection mingled in my mouth with the rich cheese, as they so complimented each other! Then, that Hannibal realized I too am a lamb lover! So of course, I caved in and also tried the Mediterranean lamb burger that was off the hook with Dana~licious flavors! Just Wow! Thrilled to know Hannibal chooses not to use any trans-fat when it comes to his tasty menu.  Ask about the veggie burger, too.

Thursday night is open microphone night at the Barkin’ Dog Grill where the musicians are patrons, and the patrons are musicians, lead by ace keyboardist Dave Dow! Check the online schedule or call as there is live music at least 3 nights a week! During my extended visit I enjoyed the enthusiastic feedback from some regular customers like Francie and Jack Jorgensen of Modesto for over 40 years, as they proudly watched their grandson playing the drums while they dined. I chatted with a coupled of teenagers who love the whole experience of live music and great food while they didn’t need to be 21 to get in. I also met another regular, Debbie Frederickson who comes in from Hughson to enjoy the menu, the music, and she said she usual ends up joined with new and old friends that make a delightful night out.

Modesto View’s signature question: Beatles or Stones? I could see Hannibal was quite reluctant to answer as he has a devotion to many genres of music as he conceded he likes them both. I regretfully pushed him to answer again and he finally said The Beatles. Hmmm I really pegged him to say the Rolling Stones! I do so look forward to repeat the Dana~licious and entertaining experience with my own family and friends! Hope to see you all there!


4 C Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
2C Cattleman’s BBQ Sauce
1Ž4 lb. Melted butter (1 /4 large hunk)
1 T Smoky red pepper powder (you may sub 1 level teaspoon chipotle or cayenne pepper)
1 t Celery salt
1/8 C Garlic puree
Mix all ingredients.  Cover, date, and store.

Barkin’ Dog Grill
940 11th Street Modesto, CA 95354

Hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 2pm
Tues-Fri 10am to 2pm & 4pm to 10pm
Sat 4pm to 10pm
FB: Barkin-Dog-Grill



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