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ChefView – Barking Hot Dogs

Chef View
By Dana Johnson

Barking Hot Dogs!

Got this old song stuck in my head now; who let the dogs out, who, who?!!! No, not those kinds of dogs, but good old fashioned all-American hot dogs. Today it made no difference that I may have to hit the treadmill a couple extra hours after my lunch time with Modesto View’s all ages writer, Leia Johnson. Nice to meet another Johnson! We are not family related & she’s only 15 while I’m just a lot older. But we certainly could relate to each other as we have some cool common threads when we spoke about Modesto and so many wonderful people, places, and things to do here!

In the month of July we think about the 4th sparkling celebrations, Graffiti nights, and the nostalgic foods still served fresh daily in our area. Barkin’ Dog is well known for their tasty menu, wine & beer bar. Yes, they do have hot dogs. Long dogs with the casing that snaps when you bite it! Slather it in their chili, top it with cheese & onions, & you have a classic dog. But I wanted to introduce Miss Leia to a couple of updated hot dogs as well. So I studied the menu that had me drooling and creations a plenty came to my mind! Bacon, yep crumbled crisp bacon, bleu cheese chunks, and the perfect drizzle of ranch dressing on this Dana~licious Bacon & Bleu Dog. Woof woof!! This was getting fun! I spied the Philly cheese steak on the menu & the Dana~licious Philly Cheese Dog was born! I called Hannibal over to the table as Leia’s mouth was still working on these cool new flavor firsts! “Both Bomb!!” she managed to say! She said she’d totally order these when she comes back! It was decided that patrons are welcome to order these Dana~licious Dogs or build their own Dog creations from the existing ingredients on the menu for an additional cost to the plain hot dog. I love this! Leia and I agreed the seasoned fries are awesome. In that Modesto Graffiti spirit we also indulged in milkshakes! Not just any milkshakes; I had the banana split in a glass and Leia had the salt caramel, both crazy good! Next time we want to try the Mom’s Apple Pie milkshake! Our service was fabulous as Hannibal’s young son, Itannis, guessing 7-9 yrs. of age was like a pro with refreshing our water glasses & asking how everything was with a bright smile on his face!

Leia more than a Modesto View colleague, she will be a junior at Downey High School in the fall. Her parents Kelly & Chad are doing an amazing job raising this delightful young one to be active in the community, a drama student, a guitar player, a music appreciator, a performer at the Gallo Center, and has been an exchange student in Japan & Norway. Her parents have reciprocated as hosts as well. Leia’s sister Sofia, in the 8th grade sounds like a dynamo as well! So nice to hear an older sister so proud of her younger sibling! She also had so many heartwarming comments about both of her parents. Fabulous!

Leia and her family often dine at the Barkin Dog & enjoy the live music nights along with open mic that can feature poetry readings, too! See website for schedule! Leia’s Mom has been friends with Hannibal since her teen years & her dad, Chad plays in Third Party Band with Modesto View’s very own Chris Murphy, owner & senior publisher aka Mr. Modesto! So Leia is often surrounded by Modesto’s best when she attends Mancini Bowl concerts, car shows, & American Graffiti events!

Neither I, nor Leia have watched the entire American Graffiti movie, shameful I know! But we made a pact to do so! We do both get how Modesto was the backdrop to this epic movie! Leia would like to see a classic 50’s Milkshake Shoppe in Modesto where she could meet up with friends! I think it’s in her DNA!

Modesto View “altered” signature question: Leia, Beatles or Third Party Band? “Third Party Band! ”They bring so much to the community! Chris Murphy, dad Chad, Gary Nelson & Brett Hughes all really guys and talented musicians! I concur!

Barkin’ Dog

940 11th Street Modesto, CA 95354


Hours: Mon 10:00AM-2:00 PM; Tue, Wed 10:00 AM-9:00 PM;

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