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ChefView – Bayou Goes Deeper South Y’all

Chef View
By Chris Murphy
Bayou Goes Deeper South with Chef Daniel Antior

The N’awlins flavors are better than ever.
If you love New Orleans food like I do, you are going to love the new Bayou Menu. I have three words for you: Shrimp AND Grits. You have to feel the New Orleans thing, it is like music and it runs through you and Chef Daniel Antior is in the groove. From the holy trinity of spices he uses to the care he puts into his sauces and his key ingredients like pork, shrimp and chicken, Chef Daniel prepares your meal and it comes out like a wonderful song. Chef Daniel has really pulled the Bayou Grill and Bar in to the center of New Orleans. The Shrimp and (cheesy) Grits are absolutely to die for. The mushroom chicken is wrapped in delicious flavors and his generous use of tomatoes, okra and chiles complement each dish. This style is really a collision of tastes he explains, “New Orleans had a French and Spanish influence with the abundant produce, greens and seafood of the Mississippi Delta and the Gulf. Filé seasoning (ground Sassafras leaves) is a key American staple”.

Chef Daniel has grown up in the kitchen, developing his skills as a short order cook where speed and variety is key. He then studied at the Institute of Technology Culinary School in Modesto and excelled in the traditional skills of sauté, grilling and so much more. He is a student of the spices, really understanding the role that paprika, chilé powder and cayenne pepper play in his cooking. He is naturally a pastry chef and this gives his deserts and breading a really special touch. Oh yeah, his Beignets? They are the traditional Café Du Monde recipe and should never be skipped when dining at Bayou.

Some of his favorite entrees are the Blackened Prime Rib that is served with a red potato smash and greens. He features specials daily and really recommends eating the special as it is served as it is all supposed to work together. “If you want something custom, don’t order the Special”, he laughs. As our session ended, it all came back to Shrimp and Grits, my favorite New Orleans (or southern) dish. And yes, they service fried green tomatoes, deep fried Okra, amazing Po-Boys and greens that will make any mom proud.

Chef Daniel likes to keep the kitchen fun and make it all work together. He is married and has two young kids, Charlyze and Caleb and they keep his creativity up to speed. On the fun side of his menu? You should not miss the Brownie Fuzuki and Bananas Foster.

As our conversation weaved around food and music, I asked our signature question, Beatles and Stones. It was Beatles all the way. It is all about the nice and smooth melodies. “I love the old rock, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chet Atkins the southern influences too and old records. I grew up playing trumpet and music is important. I couldn’t agree more. Hope to see you at Bayou Bar and Grill soon.

Bayou Bar and Grill
918 13th St, Modesto, Ca
M – 11-2pm, T-Th 11 – 9 F 11-10 pm S 4-10 pm
Closed Sunday



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