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Bikini Bare Burrito!!!

Happy New Year Modesto or as my daughter Amanda says “Happy New YOU!” I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my bikini days are long gone, but I am always interested in feeding my bod healthier choices that I actually crave before eating. Ola’s Mexicali Grill (OMG!) is just the place to delight my palate and trim my caloric intake. Especially after a holiday season that for me was well sugar-coated!

I knew I needed to truly impress my friend and colleague, Efren Martinez, Modesto View’s own Fit View with a dining establishment that he’d completely approve of! OMG doesn’t have a microwave oven, no deep fryer, and they do not cook with lard. They only use high quality ingredients, no cheap cuts of meat (like chicken thighs) and no iceberg lettuce in the frig. I like their commitment to the freshest of foods right down to their spices and herbs that are dried by hand.

Katina and Ismael Perez have been proudly living their Modesto dream of owning a fun, unique and successful restaurant in McHenry Village for almost 10 years now! Way to go! The couple also has a young son who is eager to help out with the family business. They have strong ties to the Modesto community as they’ve lived here all their lives. They love it here! The Perez Family is most generous when it comes to donations for numerous local charities like: Kendall School for Autism foundation (that hits close to home as they have a niece with autism). Fun Sports “Ride for A Cure for Cancer”,MYSA, Bel Pasi Baseball, Modesto Sunrise Rotary, Kids First, Downey High Booster, Enochs High, Beyer High, and St, Joseph’s Catholic Church. Katina and Ismael hope their loyal and new patrons will continue to enjoy their cuisine as much as they enjoy creating it!

Mexicali Grill recently added “Olas” to the name because there’s already a Mexicali Grill in San Jose. They needed to be able to servicemark the name for upcoming sauces and dressings. They always answer the phone “Ola” and think of their restaurant as a little piece of the foods they like along the beaches of Mexico. Olas means “wave” in Spanish. Now that’s just cool!

The taco salad is the most popular on the menu and it sounded like an excellent choice. I was not disappointed! So very Dana~licious and yes I’m craving another just thinking about it!!! I was pleasantly surprised that night to chat with some regular elementary school age diners who were excited to shout out the healthy favorites on the menu! “You gotta try the quesadilla!” “No she has to try the chili verde, it’s the best!” “You know she’ll go for the taco salad, all the grown-ups do!” Loved their suggestions and enthusiasm especially when there was no trans-fat or toy prize included to sway there food choices!

Bikini Bare Burrito (BBB): Spinach, red & green bell peppers, onion. Zucchini, jalapeno, barley sautéed in their Dana~licous garlic lime sauce, with black beans, served over romaine lettuce, & topped with sliced avocado. Studio V (Pilates & Fitness) Wellness of Modesto inspired the BBB via Studio V’s Bikini Boot Camp. Participants must adhere to a “clean” diet of vegetables and proteins to meet the program requirements so OMG enhanced the challenge in a delectable way!

Modesto View signature question asked to Katina and Ismael, Beatles or Stones? Simultaneously Katina said Beatles and Ismael had the superior taste to answer Stones! Another prime example of how opposites attract!

Whether you are thinking bikini, speedo, or just how to incorporate another Modesto great dining choice in the New Year, Olas Mexicali Grill is a great place to get start! Dine well Modesto!

By Dana Johnson

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Studio V Bikini Bare Burrito Info The Studio V Bikini Bare Burrito at Mexicali Grill was created especially for Studio V Bikini Boot Camp participants. Participants must adhere to a “clean” diet of vegetables and protein. Mexicali Grill’s BBB is a delectable menu creation that meets the requirements perfectly!

Olas Mexicali Grill

1700 McHenry Ave. Ste. 138, Modesto (McHenry Village)


Watermelon Cilantro Salsa Tropical Fresh and Light Ingredients: 2 cups chopped seedless watermelon 1 cup chopped fresh pineapple 1 cup chopped fresh mango Juice from 4 fresh limes 1 cup trimmed and chopped scallions 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro Salt and pepper to taste Instructions:

Toss all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and season with salt and pepper just before serving. Servings: Makes about 4 cups serving 8 to 12. Garnish: Great with chips or on grilled anything



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