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Loard’s & Oodles July 2013

Chillin’ with Dana~licious!

July, it’s just another indulgent reason for me to browse Modesto in search of cool treats, sweets, and scrumptious eats! Lucky for all of us living in Modesto we don’t have to go far to satisfy our sweet spot when it comes to taste buds! Between Loard’s Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop and Oodles Frozen Yogurt Shop you may just find yourself chillin’ like me in the same gratifying Dana~licous way

Loard’s Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop is conveniently located adjacent to the Brenden Theaters in the Modesto Plaza. Dina Rivera-Ahumada and her family have been the proud owners of Loard’s for the past 5 years. Dina, her husband, son, daughter, and sister have lived in Modesto for 20 years because they love the quiet, family oriented community where it’s best to raise a family. Dina has created a large menu in this quaint place to more than meet the needs of her Modesto patrons. She loves the turkey croissant sandwich and the mocha almond fudge ice cream is her go to favorite. For me, I totally went for the pastrami panini, old fashioned pineapple soda, and then I created a Dana~licious banana split! Leticia Hernandez, a dedicated employee, (and very delightful by nature!) for the past 3 years was happy to let me go crazy and never once questioned my borderline sinful ice cream combination choices! See my recipe!

Also at Loard’s you will find much more than you might expect, example; a small, yet doable breakfast menu including bagels, toast, muffins, and even a selection of oatmeal’s. Nachos, hot dogs, specialty sandwiches, and fresh salads, too! Milkshakes, smoothies, espresso, iced or blended drinks, and yes, they sell ice cream cakes for all occasions, too. “Ube” is an ice cream flavor new to me, deep purple in color; you might anticipate rich berries, but not even close as it’s made from purple potatoes and coconut that flavor this ice cream, actually a favorite in Hawaii! Aloha Modesto!

Oodles of Modesto is nicely located on the corner of Standiford and Tully in the Raley’s shopping center. Ron and Lynn Dickerson are the originators of Oodles Frozen Yogurt Shop. They opened their unique-solo store 3 years ago after frequenting other self-service yogurt establishments in the Sacramento area. The Dickerson’s keenly realized that Modesto would literally eat this frozen concept up!

The Dickersons had 2 sons, Ross now 28, and their son Ryan who tragically passed away at age 18. The family is grateful how the Modesto community has stayed supportive of them throughout their heartbreaking loss. At the Modesto Library you will find the beautiful spirit of Ryan’s Reading Tree Library as a dedicated tribute. There’s also a statue in memory of Ryan on Scenic to honor him. You can regularly find Ron managing the store while Lynn is the CEO of the Gallo Center for the Arts.

Oodles get the majority of their ingredients from local businesses; CA Gold Almonds and Walnuts, Ron Martella Farms, Rachel’s kitchen for brownies and Mrs. D.’s granola, Loretelli’s Farm fresh fruit, the logo and interior color design by Marcia Herrmann Designs, plus local artist, Sandy Veneman, and Bob De Grasse, architect located on L St. in Modesto.

Most frozen yogurts are 10,000 parts per million probiotics, but Oodles boasts a 100,000 probiotics per million. Outta my scope! All I do know it’s incredibly Dana~licious while the choices and combinations are endless! 8 different rotating flavored flowing yogurts varying from no-fat, low-fat, no sugar, to lactose free, mostly gluten free. 8 sauces and over 50 toppings of nuts, cereal, candy, and fresh fruit! Yes, self-service is the way to go with the magnitude of creations to be devoured all those about to chill! See my recipe!

Modesto View signature question: Beatles or Stones? Dina of Loard’s said both!! Ron of Oodles said Jimmy Buffet! He followed up with Beatle’s song “In My Life” but agreed he likes the Stones, too.

Dana~licious @ Loard’s Banana Split Original Recipe! 1 banana 1 scoop pistachio ice cream topped w/ caramel sauce 1 scoop berry sorbet topped w/ strawberry sauce 1 scoop mocha chip topped w/ hot fudge sauce Covered in whipped cream & nuts, cherry on top!!!

Dana~licious @ Oodles Fruity Original Recipe!

Start with white vanilla frozen yogurt to cover bottom of cup Next, an outer swirl of pomegranate raspberry sorbet In the center, luscious lemon frozen yogurt Top with fresh raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, Strawberries, kiwi, and mangoes! Top with French vanilla granola and toasted almonds1 Cherry on top!!!



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