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ChefView – Clean Eats

By Dana Johnson Modesto View May

Modesto View May ’14 Clean Eats Central Valley

Modesto Eats Clean!

Over the decades we’ve watched food trends come and go.  I believe that clean eating is here to stay. Food is so key when it comes to our best health in so many ways. This is why I’m thrilled to share with my fellow Modesto Viewers about several opportunities to become” full” in a clean eating way via our own stellar local restaurants!

Introducing Clean Eats Central Valley Cocktail/ Social Eating events hosted and founded by Ashley Cherry, also of Modesto’s Cold House Vodka and PMZ Real Estate along with Victoria Popoff owner and founder of Modesto’s Studio V Pilates & Fitness. These two blonde bombshells met 3 years ago through the bikini boot camp program offered at Studio V. Ashley decided to make a personal objective to make it fun for clean eating in Modesto as a “social eater.”  She has worked with local restaurants to implore them to not only host clean eats cocktail parties, but for several clean eats dishes to be regularly featured menu items. Yep, these gatherings are energized with a total party atmosphere. The 1st event was held at the Boardroom which was a huge success. I also attended the most recent at Vito’s Ristorante. For the extremely reasonable price of $20 you are allowed one skinny Cold House Vodka cocktail and full access to the buffet of decadent clean eats, like Vito’s healthy loaded salads, brown rice pastas with chicken marinara, zucchini chicken spaghetti in a divine red sauce, and tempting seafood dishes. My new favorite on Vito’s menu is the white wine chicken and spinach, soooo Dana~licious!

Ashley shared with me the genuine positive results she has reaped in the past year since she started eating clean and regularly working out at Studio V: Physically she said she is more toned, no longer feels bloated, and no longer refuses to have her picture snapped! This regimen also can help to reduce high blood pressure. Psychologically, Ashley says she’s generally in a better mood, has a more positive attitude and outlook on life while she’s less tired though she works out! Now that’s just awesome!!!

Victoria competes in body building competitions and is an incredible trainer how to combine clean eating and fitness that is tailored to each individual and their lifestyles. Like me for example, I’m constantly surrounded by food and spirits on any given workday. Fabulous career choice if you don’t mind wearing mega stretch pants, lol! So Victoria gave me some livable guidelines to follow and still be Dana~licious! Focus on one meal at a time. Slow gradual change with guidance from a professional Studio V trainer to achieve long term sustainable clean eating & fitness. Healthy snacks such as raw nuts and low glycemic fruits are a welcome choice. “Accountability!” Remember the right time and place for the right alcohol choice. I can live better with that!

When thinking clean eating here are some of the types of foods to look for on the menu: all natural, healthy fats, lean meats, grains, low sodium, natural sweeteners like agave & stevia, and minimally processed packaged foods. Don’t be afraid to ask your restaurant to not heat your olive oil over 375 degrees as it changes the chemical composition & it becomes carcinogenic. Clean eats is food your great grandparents would recognize as real food.

By the way great Mother’s Day gift!!! Just sayin’ as a Mom, gimmee!

Facebook and Instagram: Clean Eats Central Valley

Upcoming Clean Eats Central Valley Events: 6-9pm $20 Advance purchase at each location
5/15/14 Greens on 10th
6/11/14 Skewers
6/25/14 Rivets
7/10/14 Green Grub (Turlock)
7/24/14 Verona’s
8/07/14 Fuzio’s
8/28/14 Bauer’s 66 1Ž2

Modesto View’s Signature: Beatles or Stones? Ashley, Beatles all the way! I was like really, I expected so much more from her! Victoria, Beatles, I was like what, why/ she said because her parents listen to it, so I let it go!



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