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ChefView: Getting Frosty at Frost Bakery

ChefView: Getting Frosty at Frost Bakery

By Brandilyn Brown

December is a month of sweets; we’re talking cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, hot cocoa and of course, gingerbread houses! All the sweets! For your sweet needs this month, we recommend Frost Bakery. You might recognize the name if you’ve visited them at their old location in Turlock. This gem has been a secret for far too long, and we’re getting the word out on their delectable treats, lovingly hand made by owner Shelly Koch and her talented staff.

Shelly started baking as a child, and remembers that her Christmas present when she was 9 was a baking class. One of her first jobs was decorating cakes and she never stopped. She opened Frost Bakery in Turlock 10 years ago, but now carries on the Frost tradition here in Modesto, which has been open for the last 5 years. Everything is made from scratch with fresh local ingredients, and she is liberal with the butter-her favorite ingredient! “I love the science of baking, how all the ingredients work together, and I love mastering a recipe. I’m a baker not only because I love creating and decorating but I enjoy being a part of people’s celebrations. The birthdays, weddings, baby showers, it’s special to be a part of it all.”

When you walk in, you become the most important person in the store. You become a part of the Frost family. Your food and dessert is made as perfect as possible, with the intention you savor every bite and every drop. She was inspired by the book, “Setting the Table” by Restaurateur Danny Meyer, and lives by the belief that people don’t come for the muffins (you can get muffins anywhere!), people come for the atmosphere, the customer service, and  the feeling that they are important and appreciated.

I definitely could feel that during my first visit, a month after their doors opened. I often head over with a book and buy a “coffee of the day”, sippin’ away in the lounge until I’ve lost track of time.  (Get extra whipped cream! They have the best whipped cream in the world!) It’s a perfect place to laze about, especially during nippy weather because this place truly turns into a winter wonderland. They set up a seven foot tall gingerbread house, fully loaded, and deck their halls with more than holly. Shelly encourages friends and family to hang out as long as you want; coffee refills are free! Frost is your home away from home, so come warm up by the gingerbread house with a loved one or two and discover the wonder for yourself. Sip on, friends!

Follow them on facebook for info on their Saturday Cookie Decorating Classes (free for kiddos!), and to enter their frequent contests. Don’t forget-they also cater!
Frost Bakery
901 N. Carpenter Road, Modesto




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