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Chef View By Dana Johnson

Saddle Up! We Are Heading To The House Of Beef!

Howdy Partners! Let’s give a big Yeehaw & Happy Anniversary to Steve and Cindi Medlen’s House of Beef (HOB) for rounding up 35 years in business this month, right here in Oakdale’s dubbed Cowboy Capitol of the World. HOB has been feeding cowboys and cowgirls hearty plates beyond its doors that originally opened as a meat processing business 35 years ago. Now it hosts a full restaurant, meat counter, catering, and a beer & wine bar.

Steve and Cindi have been married for 44 years in June. They have lived in Oakdale for their entire lives and are also home to their 3 grown children and their 2 grandkids. A real cowboy family! Every Sunday Steve spends his only day off on his private property on the Stanislaus River working on what sounds like an endless project building a mini-city and park for a special place to gather with his family only accessible by their 4 wheel drive trucks! Sounds like a blast! Steve comes from a long line of butchers and his son, Butch, also is following in the meat processing trade. Steve is a big fan of the HOB’s rib eye, Cindi has the salmon almost daily, granddaughter Danika, age 14 is a baby back rib lover, and grandson Wyatt, age 5 likes to try everything on the menu! I like that lil’ cowpoke’s style when it comes to chow time! Go for the filet mignon Wyatt!

Can you hear me? I’m ringing the cowboy triangle dinner bell while shouting “Keep them doggie’s rolling, Rawhide!” Geez I hope I don’t create a stampede to get into the House of Beef! I imagine a genuine hard-working cowboy might order the 16oz rib eye steak and a full slab of ribs, served with endless soup, salad bar, and garlic bread, with choice of sides like mash potatoes or chili beans, and finish with the most amazing Apple Dumpling, it is one of my favorites with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & drizzled in caramel! It’s also known that most of the cowgirls can’t resist the Fudgy Wudgy dessert! While the Rockslide Brownie isn’t on the menu, now you know you can just ask for it because Dana~licious told you so!

When purchasing your fresh meats at HOB to grill at home you might also want to pick up some seasoning s***! Yep names like Good S***, Special S***, Aw S***, and sauces called BBQ S*** & Hot S***! Now that’s some funny s***! Equally funny is the name Testicle Festival every March in Oakdale & the HOB allows much of the food prep to be done in their kitchen. HOB also does the food for the cowgirl luncheon associated with the Oakdale Rodeo held in April. Mount up & I’ll see ya’ll there with spurs on!

Modesto View signature question: Steve is the winner by answering Stones! Cindi said Beatles since they had the best songs out there as far back to when she was a freshman in high school!

Recipe: Dana~licious Leftover Cowgirl Scramble! In a medium skillet heat diced leftover steak & baked potato. Then scramble in 2 eggs. Top with heated leftover chili and sprinkle

on grated cheddar. Add dollop of sour cream and devour pronto!

House of Beef

210 N. 3rd Street

Oakdale, CA 95361


Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 9pm

Closed Sundays

FB: House of Beef (for daily specials)



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