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ChefView – Mmmm is for Minnie’s

Chef View
By Dana Johnson

Mmmm is for Minnie’s!

Restaurants, no matter what city seem to come and go, but Minnie’s on Mc Henry in Modesto has been in business since 1954 according to owner, Stuart Mah! That is an astounding 62 years! According to Modesto View’s very own Chris Murphy it is the oldest continuing-operating restaurant in Modesto in the same location. Stuart told me Minnie’s actually was the very first house built on McHenry and it was originally on the corner. I love that Minnie’s was renovated into a restaurant, full bar, with a huge patio and a second bar! There is also a banquet room if you wanted to host a party. In one of the dining rooms is the original fireplace and mantle that adds more character and charm to this tiki-themed establishment!

Now that you are inclined to come to Minnie’s to feel the history and the nostalgia, be sure to bring your appetite with you. The menu may leave you with some difficult decisions to make if you are like me, you’ll want to try it all! The late morning trip to Minnie’s started out with a “Jerk!” and Chris Murphy! LOL, no, no, no Chris is no jerk, but he was there to share my experience! The “Jerk” is Minnie’s signature slushy 21 & over only cocktail named by Pete Mah! Long time server there, Susana told me it is a secret recipe & they have great Mai Tai’s, too! Chris told me it is no secret that the straw is filled with 151 proof rum and warned me “Do not stir your Jerk!” The 1st sip was a mighty one!

We sat down; no we didn’t fall down from the “jerk”, to a wonderful array of Minnie’s best. I was told the potstickers are legendary! Bartender at Minnie’s for a congratulatory 25 years is Diane! She was excited to tell me why the potstickers are her fave; they grind their own pork, season it & each of these Chinese dumplings are made by hand in a crescent shape, next pan-fried brown on one side and sautéed in broth on the other! On the table is soy sauce, mild & spicy rice vinegar for dipping is the best way according to long-time server Susana, her fave, too! Go figure it is Chris & my fave, too! Soooo off the hook Dana~licious! Stuart said it is one of his fave’s but he also loves the handmade burger and the steak sandwich! I will try that next time; no doubt this carnivore is on it! The fried rice and the chow mein were fresh and quite tasty, too! You won’t find the divine orange chicken we also sampled in the table menu, but it is on the daily special menu! *On Monday it is bar only, the kitchen is closed! Chris & I both enjoyed all the food, I enjoyed that Chris had to get to a Modesto Rotary meeting and he didn’t have time to eat more, so the leftovers all went home with me (sorry to Becky, Chris’s ever sweet wife!)!

Minnie’s menu also boasts both Cantonese and Mandarin dishes, as well as children’s and American dinners! If you are a seafood lover, again you are at the right place! Fall is here and yes, you will find soups on the menu, too! It’s almost impossible to save tummy room for dessert, but can you really pass up banana fritters and coconut ice cream? Exactly!!!

Modesto View signature question; Beatles or Stones? I asked Sherry, the night bartender and night manager, she reluctantly said Beatles, but admitted she was really tired as it was close to closing!!! I’m sure if I asked her in the AM she’d be like, “Stones, of course!”


107 S. McHenry Ave. Modesto 95354 (209) 524-4621


Tues.-Thurs. 11:30am – 2pm & 5pm – 9:30pm

Fri. night 5pm – 10pm, Sat. night 4pm – 10pm

Sunday 4pm – 9:30pm



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