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By Dana Johnson

Old Plantation Coffee & Café

Eat, Drink, and Pet Friendly!

On the corner of Floyd and Roselle in the pleasing Village One Plaza you will find Old Plantation Coffee & Café (OPCC). No matter how you like your coffee, from French pressed, espresso, iced (cold pressed for 24 hours), or the ever popular cool you down, or flavored “blended coffee crush”, this is a fabulous place to enjoy it. Yes! It’s locally roasted coffee and brewed fresh daily, but you know I need something to go with it! “Breakfast panini please, and perhaps I should try one of those luscious Belgian waffles since I’m here!” Just saying!

Rose and Vince Lentini owners of the Old Plantation Coffee and Café opened this feeling of home establishment in March of 2011 with the warm intentions to make every customer feel like a special guest in their own home. Some patrons look like they are dining in their own home office. As Rose and I chatted in the outdoor patio I was delighted by her friendly smile and impressed that she knew more than half the patrons by name. She even knew Sam, the big fluffy dog who is a regular at the dog friendly patio seen chomping down the free doggie treats. Equally refreshing was to see the staff more than simply serving the delicious menu items, as they all appeared to be enjoying their interactions with each other and the customers. OPCC employs 8 cheerful people, including “Day One” Dena Atta! Yes she has been there from day one!

I actually live in this neighborhood and I’m thrilled the next time, likely tomorrow (lol), when I have a craving for a real burger; I can get one freshly made to order right in this local café! It gets better, even a PESTO burger, yep-yep!! The pesto chicken panini is the most popular amongst customers, so I tried it with an OPCC signature salad with a sassy raspberry vinaigrette dressing, feta cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, and my favorite, chopped bacon. In a word, Dana~licious! OPCC also has a different homemade specialty soup each day; I can’t wait to try the split pea with yams!

With so many diverse needs when it comes to food and drink, I’m happy to report that OPCC also has several gluten free, sugar free, and vegan items on their variety packed menu. Parent friendly too, as the kid’s menu has healthier choices, smaller portions and lower prices!

Yes, I will bring my laptop, log in to the free wi-fi and I will call it a work related! I’m thinking it’s now a tasty tax write-off?!

Modesto View’s signature question: Beatles or Stones; Rose deferred to her husband Vince and I was caught off guard by his response; he said Beatles because Mick Jagger is ugly! We all burst out loud laughing and decided to leave it at that.

By Chef Dana Johnson now seen on FOX40 every 1st Friday of the month

Facebook: Dana’s Family Kitchen

Ciabatta Sandwich

Choice of Grilled Chicken Breast

or Sirloin Burger

served with lettuce,

red onion, tomato and choice of cheese.

Accompany with side salad, mix greens and feta, cranberries, walnuts.

Old Plantation Coffee & Café

3020 Floyd Ave. Ste 101 Modesto, CA 95355 (Village One Plaza/Raley’s Shopping Center)

(209) 552-0333

Hours of operation: open 7 days a week (check back in September for dinner hours)

M-F 6am to 6pm

Sat. 7am to 6pm

Sun. 7am to 5pm



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