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ChefView – Rockin B’s

Chef View By Dana Johnson

Rockin B’s Dana~licious Burger~licious!!!

Do any of you Modesto Viewers remember the line “Get in my belly!” from Austin Power’s “The Spy Who Shagged Me” movie in 2008? I’m not going to say the characters offensive name, but after my very first visit to Rockin B’s, I kinda knew what he was feeling once I bit into their incredibly juicy, but not greasy burger, “Get in my belly!” Without hesitation or any reason for exaggeration this burger was “supreme” even in comparison to so many of the Dana~licious burgers I’ve devoured before! I’d actually call myself a burger connoisseur and prominently qualified to highly recommend Rockin B’s for your next burger stop and really taste what I call Dana~licious.

Shana and Barry Peterson opened Rockin B’s in May 2013. Both were born and raised right here in Modesto. They have been married for 14 years and have 2 kiddos. Shana previously worked 8 years for Modesto City Schools with special needs children, which I personally know takes dedication and heart. Barry worked the past 20 years as a lineman for Modesto Irrigation District (MID). Each have their own talents they bring to the restaurant, Shana created the Rockin B’s original “secret” sauce, while Barry created the company original BBQ sauce. The #1 selling burger is The Shay Shay Burger that boasts fresh avocado, pickled jalapeno, bacon, and choice of cheese! Barry starts at 5am to hand-make each patty. They also shared with me that every bite of the burger has been thought through so every bite is exactly the same, that’s Dana~licious style! Barry also holds claim that he founded the word “Shimmerville” in 1968 (Barry’s birth year) a noun often used in his MID years: Shimmerville is a delightful community in the state of yumminess located between perfection and unobtainable. Love it!

Rockin B’s already has “regulars” as they call themselves. I call them addicted! I also believe it has something to do with the chopped bacon on the burgers instead of the often getaway strips, Anyway, if perhaps 1 day out of 6 you decide to lay off the burger and shimmer over to the wedge salad be sure to order it with the grilled chicken breast, a side of garlic fries, and if you are 21 or older have 1of the 2 beers they have on tap. Maybe you need a meatless day, I won’t understand why, but the 3 cheese grilled cheese would be a great way to go.

So as I was walking down the street after thoroughly enjoying a wonderful evening at the MAMA awards with my son, sharing the sidewalk was a thrilled young band that just won their first award! Congrats I said, they asked me if I was there with a band, oh I wish! I told them I write the Chef View article for the Modesto View Magazine, they said that was totally cool. I asked the band if they wanted to know what I thought was the best place to get a juicy burger in Modesto, before I could answer they all yelled out Rockin B’s on McHenry! We all high-fived in unison!

Special note, Rockin B’s will make any burger combination with any items on the menu. They make lettuce wrapped burgers known as protein style, too. But for me, I had them make mine with a perfect egg over medium to pass through my lips!

Modesto View signature question: Beatles or Stones? Barry immediately says Stones for Shizzle Brown-eyed Girl, like no duh and rushed back to his grill. When I asked Shana she said “wow those are both before me”. I stared at her with a questioning smirk, then she said I like both, I think. She was like an adorable game show contestant, as I told her Barry and I both said Stones, she was like, then Stones for me, too! It was one of those you had to be there to truly appreciate the enthusiastic comedy! In my head I kept saying Thank you Shana for playing The Dana Is Always Right Show!

See you soon at Rockin B’s (Shimmerville) my fellow Modesto Viewers who can’t resist my food tempting words that bring you the best tastes of Modesto.

Rockin B’s Burger Company

222 Mc Henry Ave.

Modesto, CA 95354


Hours: 11am to 7pm M-Sat. closed Sundays



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