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ChefView – Sciabica Olive Oil

Chef View By Dana Johnson

Dear Santa, I can explain!

If you don’t believe, then you don’t receive!

I believe in making a long Christmas wish list with many of my culinary favorites on it! Yes, many items on my list come from right here in Modesto, like Sciabica’s Olive Oil also known as<>. I continue to be fascinated by what a quality olive oil can bring to a recipe, whether the flavor is subtle or pungent. Fresh cold-pressed flavors, artisan crafted, award winning, and extra virgin guaranteed olive oil come from this fourth generation of the Sciabica Family since 1936. The Sciabicas attribute the past 77 years in maintaining a successful business to “No matter how hard you have to work to make your customer smile it’s all worth it!”

I feel like a little kid all excited as I start my Christmas list with Sciabica’s flavored olive oils. Distinctive to these oils is that the flavors are not infused; the basil for example is pressed at the same time as the olives, not added later. I believe that process creates a lasting flavor opposed to just a passing hint.

Rosemary; for my lamb chops, mashed potatoes and ciabatta breads. Cilantro; for my taco shells and refried pintos. Lemon: for my chicken stew and blueberry pastry tarts. Habernero; for my son Colton who likes spicy fajitas! Jalapeño; for my Bloody Mary Cocktail to have a kick and as a base for a Dana~licious Mexican salad dressings. Lime; for my crispy tortilla strips atop a salad and to add life to plain white rice. Orange; for my signature Asian noodle salad and for a twist on brownies. Basil; is probably my favorite especially for pastas, sauces, and dressings and so much more I could write an entire cookbook on Sciabica’s basil olive oil! Last but not least is Garlic; reminds me of diamonds (also on my Christmas list!) it just goes with dang near everything, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Need a mint? Lol!

The list continues Santa, one of each please of Sciabica’s olive oil varietals; Mission Spring, an excellent butter replacement! Sevillano Fall, love the fresh-harvested green olive taste especially in my red sauces. Manzanillo Fall, full bodied oil that can easily stand on its own especially when used to enhance a boring starch. Then there is the premier olive oil in my opinion, Estate Hillside 7; all 7 varieties of olives in this blend are grown on a hillside along Dry Creek here in Modesto and made onsite. Another beautiful vantage point for Modesto! Also Santa I sure would be tickled to have some sweet peach white balsamic and pomegranate balsamics to go with those oils you know. Please don’t forget my Nana loves the fig balsamic, too!

Last but not least Santa, for my body and mouth, lavender and lemongrass extra virgin olive oil skin moisturizer that is also edible! Joseph Sciabica said he’d never put anything on his skin that he couldn’t eat! I’m a little afraid I might find myself sneaking a shoulder lick hahaha!

Jonathan Sciabica and I first met a little over two years ago as he was my guest on FOX40 morning news where I have been doing a monthly 3-5 minute cooking segment for the past 4 years. You can view the segment and get the free and all original Dana~licious recipes on “Dana Johnson Olive Oil”. Jonathan at the confident age of 33, is one of the three family members that run the business along with Daniel and Nick Sciabica. Jon and wife Katie have a precious 1 year-old son, Lucca. They enjoy riding their beach cruisers along Modesto’s Virginia Corridor, dining at Surla’s, Vito’s, and Camp 4 for the cheese & meat plate with a nice cab. Jon’s mom Terry is retired now, but she still comes in to oversee the gift store 1-2 times per week. Grandma, aka Gemma has 5 cookbooks for sale in the gift store perfect for the gift giving season along with free recipes on the website. Sciabica’s has a fabulous tasting room so you can sample all those gifts you are about to give and perhaps tastefully receive!

Modesto View signature question: Jonathan, Beatles or Stones? Well, I’m just a hair too young for this question but Stones. Yes, Jonathan is correct!

Sciabica’s California Olive Oil and Gourmet Foods

2150 Yosemite Blvd. Modesto, CA 95354


Store hours: M-F 9am-5pm (from Thanksgiving – Xmas open Sat. 10am-4pm)

FB: Sciabica’s Olive Oil<>



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