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ChefView – Taste of Fuzio

Chef View
By Dana Johnson

Start the New Year with the Taste of Fuzio!

So what’s new at Modesto’s beloved Fuzio Universal Bistro that has been around for the past 14 years you ask? Thomas Lopes! He is the proud new owner with fresh energy to maintain all the customer favorites that will remain on the menu while he has a few new plans as well. Come spring time we can all look forward to some new outdoor seating on the inviting patio, some fresh paint, and lastly, new menu specials that will be inspired directly from local farmer’s markets with seasonal culinary delectable dishes. Making Fuzio even more exciting each time the guest comes back!

Upon my dining experience at Fuzio, I decided to throw caution to the wind and let Thomas order for me! Yes, me, the mega control freak about what goes from utensil/glass to my mouth, I went with it! New for me: Fuzio specialty cocktails; 1st was the Watermelon Itch Martini, that was sweet and tasty. 2nd was the signature Fuziotini made with Chambord, a raspberry liqueur, that was surprisingly refreshing opposed to sweet. I enjoyed both cocktails with the Firecracker Lettuce Wraps that are totally Dana~licious and I was off to a fantastic new start! Next came the Firecracker Pork Fusilli which packs a lil’ kick with the habanero pesto! My fork went straight into the center of the Rigatoni Alfuzio that thrilled me to find creamy garlic sauce and bacon, yes bacon! That was more than enough or so I thought, then came the sirloin steak entree with cheesy layer potatoes, and asparagus that paired beautifully with a lovely glass of Frank Family Zinfandel. Yep, I was feeling every bit of a new kind of spoiled and I was thinking Thomas must be some kind of mind-reader knowing exactly what I’d find to be Dana~licious. Please note: the sirloin steak was almost as awesome as a filet mignon, and coming from me, ultra-carnivore, that’s high praise!

Thomas is engaged to Gina Pascan who has been with Fuzio for the past 10 years; they hope to wed by February 2015. Gina was the mixologist who made my specialty cocktails, but she also has the title lead hourly. Thomas has 3 kiddos, Madi 20, Matthew 18, and Kadyn 9 who told her dad “Just so you know, I will be your boss someday!” Love it!!! To keep up and in shape, Thomas is an ultra-runner; meaning he runs up to 100 miles at a time, whew~wee, not me! He is the VP of Shadow Chase Running Club, too. Thomas and Gina also enjoy dining at Modesto’s Bella Italia and Past Pronto.

In the kitchen is Chef Justin Seward, who makes all the soups from scratch, like the roasted red pepper, as well as 90% of the desserts are made in-house including the blueberry cheesecake, a customer favorite. So next time I’ll have to save room to try the dessert menu!

Modesto View signature question: Beatles or Stones? Gina, “I’ll say Beatles”, but I could instantly tell she felt bad about that, while Thomas was all happy as he answered “Stones!” like was that really even a question!

Chef Viewers, thank you for continuing to trust me and my dining experiences as we all have choices in the New Year to make ourselves happy and well dined! Happy New “You” as my daughter Amanda says!

1020 10th Street Suite 100, Modesto, CA 95354

(209) 557-9711

Hours: Mon.-Fri.11am to 9pm

Fri./Sat. 11am to 10pm


Sat.-Sun. 1-3pm

1Ž2 off appetizers, $3 drafts, & $3 wine



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