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Community View – Guardian Angels

Community View
By Maryann Spikes

Meet one of Modesto’s great neighbors, David Lambert, leader of the Modesto chapter of the Guardian Angels (GAs) and the Facebook-born group, Homelessness & Poverty in Stanislaus.

We met for the first time at the most recent Focus on Prevention meeting geared to neighborhood leaders. Then his Facebook group had our first meeting at Ralston’s Goat, the location of the new iconic Rick Hernstedt mural at 10th and J.

David is about empowerment.

“Citizen involvement is the backbone of secure communities. The GAs are a unique organization; we prevent crime, but we are basically a community service and empowerment organization” says David.

“I’ve admired the GAs since the early 80s, because this is my core belief: The job of making our cities better belongs to the people, and it’s the citizen’s obligation to recognize his or her membership in something bigger than the individual” he continues.

The Modesto Guardian Angels get a lot of welcome honk-and-waves and people thanking them while they coordinate with MPD out on neighborhood safety patrols. They recently provided extra security at the Snoop Dogg concert at the Fat Cat, and teamed up with the Stockton chapter to assist with their third annual Valentine’s block party.

David thinks that society needs to reconnect “Everything that society seems to have forgotten is embodied in the GAs – duty, service, honor, virtue… I’ve always thought if I had the chance, I would join. If you’d asked me a couple years ago, I’d have said I’m too old” he continues.

“However, I saw some GAs at last year’s Love Modesto event and started a conversation. That’s how I got involved. I became friends with the Western Regional Director from Stockton, Sean Rodgers, whom I consider a good man and a mentor.” David was rapidly promoted to a leadership position.

This spring, the GAs will be working on putting together an anti-bullying presentation for schools, increasing homeless engagement, and recruiting for effective safety patrols.

Whether you are looking to participate in or benefit from patrols, anti-bullying messages for youth programs, self-defense or CPR training, or other forms of community empowerment, all ages (with parent permission, if under 18) are welcome to contact David at Modesto Guardian Angels on Facebook, email him at<>, or call him with any questions at 760-500-2300.

You are also invited to learn more about the Modesto Guardian Angels at their monthly “Fourth Friday” event, Meet the Angels, at the Denny’s at Five Points, from 6pm-8pm.

If you would like to donate, you can mail a check to The Alliance of Guardian Angels (write “Modesto Chapter” in the memo) at 2307 Oakdale Rd. #109, Modesto, CA 95355.



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