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CountryView – Cottonwood Creek

Cottonwood Creek – Hometown Nashville Sound
By D.J. Walker – Kat Country 103

Country music’s roots stem from Nashville to Modesto and back again. From the 1940’s Rockabilly sound of Maddox Brothers and Rose to today’s local aspiring artists, it’s encouraging to see these two cities harmonizing with Country Music.

A local duo, Cottonwood Creek, has had a big year. Maggie Watkins and Scott Little have spent many hours blending their unique sound on the local music scene. Their shows have a mix of guitars, harmonica, drums and percussion and a Barn-Burning energy that exhilarates the crowd. Their music has also caught the ears of Nashville. “It’s been a whirlwind!, says Scott.

Since winning the Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMA) in 2014, they’ve ventured to Nashville to write songs with the band members of country music legend Mark Chesnutt. They returned again to Music City to record a 9 song album. “It was 9 songs, in 3 days. Almost 24 hours in the studio.” Explains Scott. “The most vital instrument may have been the coffee maker!”, says Maggie.

Although not nominated this year, voting for the awards that gave them their start, the MAMA awards, is underway. The winners will be announced on October 11th and streamed live on!

The real winners however, are we who get to listen to Cottonwood Creek. Their distinctive sound is both classic & contemporary. It’s the catchy hook and melody of Nashville’s current attitude, fused with the traditional sound of fiddle and pedal steel. “Our style is like a blend of Kacey Musgraves meets Lady Antebellum.” Says Maggie. “A new twist on classic country.” Says Scott. “Chris Stapleton for example, has been breaking new ground and we feel like we can follow his lead with music that musicians, singer-songwriters, and fans can all appreciate.”

They have also entered a National Music contest Nash Next sponsored by Kat Country 103. Through the first three rounds, they’ve garnered the highest scores locally and are hoping to go through to the National Level. The grand prize is a recording contract with a major Nashville record label.

Keep an eye – and an ear – on Cottonwood Creek as they continue to follow the music from Modesto to Nashville and back.



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