Depeche Mode Martin Gore – Synthetic Bliss

Depeche Mode’s
Martin Gore’s ‘MG’ Album ReView
By Efren Martinez

It has been something I’ve been looking for quite sometime now in music; “a synthetic bliss.” Just recently I was invited to sample Martin Gore’s new album. Anxious as I was to receive it in April, my thoughts continuously wondered back and forth of what one of Depeche Mode’s greatest minds would deliver on his solo LP. Well Martin didn’t disappoint when it arrived right before my beach holiday. As I relaxed on the warm beaches of Mexico I listened and entered the world of Mr. Martin Gore’s new creation.

It’s no secret by now, I’m sure most of you know that I am a bit partial to European Electronic music, especially 80’s Retro. Martin Gore’s new MG creation is all him and it has his signature synthetic footprint on it from his early days with Depeche Mode. It’s defiantly a welcome sound if you’ve been a fan of the band since the 1980’s like I have. In fact it’s the fresh new kind of “Fast Fashion” sound that I’ve missed.

Martin Gore’s new LP has 16 amazing tracks that also includes ‘Eurpoa Hymn’ and everyone’s soon to be favorites; ‘Pinking’, ‘Spiral’, and ‘Featherlight’. What I think makes Martin Gore’s new album such a synthetic bliss is that it has no lyrics whatsoever. If you are a Depeche Mode fan or even a big buff when it comes to electronic music, I’m sure you’ll get that same romantic, mysterious and sexy kind of feel like it gives me.
Efren Martinez

‘MG’, the new instrumental electronic album from Martin Gore, is out now!
Available on CD, digital download and 2xLP (with CD).

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