DestinationLAX Surpasses $1 Million Pledge Goal

DestinationLAX Surpasses $1 Million Pledge Goal Wednesday’s exciting event at the Sky Trek hangar at Modesto Airport designed to revitalize the campaign and encourage more pledges did just that! The City of Modesto is pleased to announce that the DestinationLAX pledge campaign has now raised $ 1,074,646 in nonbinding pledges!

Destination LAX is a drive to collect $1 million in nonbinding pledges to demonstrate that the community will support new nonstop air service between Modesto and Los Angeles (LAX). The pledges will be used to show a major airline that there are Modesto area customers who are committed to using the route once it becomes available.

DestinationLAX is about more than just flying to Los Angeles – there are far reaching economic impacts. Utilization of Modesto’s airport keeps money in the Modesto area – car rentals, gas purchases, hotel stays, meals, and the list goes on.

As we always say at ModestoView, fly local, live local.

Here is the link to our original guest article by Katie Jones, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Sixel Consulting Group



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