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Dining View / Burger Me Happy Again!

By Dana Johnson

Knucklehead’s Bar and Grill
Chef Robb Perez

Whether you are a Knucklehead or

not, you gotta try these burgers! Right
next door to Modesto Harley you will
find Knucklehead’s Bar and Grill hot
‘foodie’ spot. This full bar and grill is
set to a backdrop of motorcycles and
an auto racing theme. The barstools
are even designed after a chopper seat!
Chef Robb Perez is the proud creator of
not only burgers, but homemade chili
and he claims you won’t find a better
clam chowder around!
Chef Robb at the prime age of 42
was born and raised in Hayward, CA.
His culinary inspiration came from his
Mom , Mary Lou Domagalski. At 16
he worked at The Hayward Fishery as
a bus boy, dish washer, & worked in the
fish market. He received a BA degree
after 4 yrs. at The Culinary Institute of
America in Hyde Park, NY. He also
trained in Chengdu, China at The Institute
of Higher Cuisine. Upon his return
to the states he completed his externship
at Del Frisco’s in Hudson, Ohio under
his mentor, John Altomare.
The well-traveled Chef Robb has
also played soccer in Peru, Ecuador,
and Columbia. He’s an all sports kind
of guy how keeps in shape at the gym.
A self-proclaimed clotheshorse, he admits
he owns at least 95 pairs of jeans!
He likes to go dancing in downtown
Modesto but he says he’s a shy social
butterfly I say clever of the single guy!
When asked what people would be
surprised to know about Chef Robb
he replied that he always wanted to
be an R&B singer but he can’t carry a
tune! His fave chef is Thomas Keller of
French Laundry. Fave dinner at home
is braised short ribs with parsnip puree
featuring a red wine sauce! Plus he’s a
chocolate freak like me! (But no invite
for me?!) Fave cocktail a shot & a beer!
On his days off Chef Robb can usually
be found by the pool or on the couch if
he’s not working on his hobby of photographing
beautiful food.
Chef Robb’s Famous Burger loaded
with fried jalapenos, green chili, roasted
red bell peppers, & pepper jack cheese
is most popular. Dana-licious is also the
Destroyer Burger with bacon, fried egg,
& cheese & yes, I destroyed the whole
thing & I’ll do it again! Knucklehead’s
is also the perfect place to meet for an
event like a bike run as they have a
hearty breakfast menu, too!
Beatles or Stones? “Ha ha!” from
Chef Robb with lil’ hesitation, I’m a big
rock ‘n roll guy… The Stones, more my
era. I accepted his answer.
As of April 1, 2011 Julie Thiel was
the previous manager & became the
new owner of Knucklehead’s next to
Modesto Harley, each making a connection
for lively food & fun joint
ventures! Every Thurs. night they have
a live band with the best local oldies,
jazz, or alternative see knuckleheadsgrill.
com, also on Facebook for more
details as well as catering for all occasions.
Grand opening celebration on
July 26th with live bands & NHRA pro
racer Brian Thiel.

Knucklehead Burger:

8oz Ground Beef
A good Hamburger Bun 🙂
Butter, for grilling the bun.
Red Peppers, roasted, peeled, and seeded.
Cut into strips.
DicedGreen Chiles
Pepperjack Cheese
Jalapenos. cut into rings, breaded in
flour, egg, and fine cornmeal.
Fry breaded jalapenos in 350 degree oil.
Cook burger to desired taste. Top with
diced green chilis and roasted red pepperstrips.
Top with pepperjack cheese
and place under a broiler until the cheese
melts over the peppers. Place fried jalapeno
rings on top of melted cheese. Add
lettuce, tomato, and onion…and dont forget
to grill the bun in butter.



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