E CLAMPUS VITUS selects Oakdale Saddle Club for Historical Monument

E CLAMPUS VITUS selects Oakdale Saddle Club for Historical Monument

Oakdale Rodeo Celebrated as living history

Oakdale,CA April 5, 2014: Charles “Animal” McIntyre, NGH ECV 58 selects the Oakdale Saddle Club as location for Historical Monument

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus has raised historical plaques in many places throughout the with a traditional “doin’s,” or party, after each plaque dedication. These are now common in historical areas around California and the West. However, It is a rare occurrence for the organization to plaque living history. The Oakdale Saddle Club and the Oakdale Rodeo Keeps alive a tradition of the Cowboy life style that dates back to the pioneers. The Oakdale area is known for its large cattle ranches and Farms. The Oakdale Rodeo celebrates and keeps alive this tradition. “I wanted to try and share a history that is current or in other words a history that continues. In others words a living history that you can be a part of.” Said Charles “Animal” McIntyre, Noble Grand Humbug of Estanislao Chapter #58.

Many Cowboys come from the Oakdale area, This includes Professional Cowboys that have been inducted into the Cowboy Hall of fame in Oklahoma City, Cowboys who work in the Movies and Television industries, and working Cowboys on the Cattle Ranch’s, and Let’s not forget the Men and Women that are currently professional Cowboys chasing their dreams of becoming a Rodeo Star and having their name placed on a buckle or Trophy. Hence the name Oakdale “Cowboy Capitol of the World” “When you purchase a ticket to the Oakdale Rodeo, and as soon as you walk through the gates you are walking back into time and you are participating in the living history of the western life style of the Cowboy. This is truly a living history.” McIntyre added.

The monument dedication will take place at 11:00 AM, Saturday April 5 2014 at the Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo Grounds. 1624 E. F St., Oakdale, Ca. About 100 people are expected to attend the historic event that will include speeches, historical nonsense a pompous unveiling of the monument followed by a lunch reception.



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