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Editors notes

Chris and Becky Murphy

Greetings Modesto Fans:
Welcome to our 2011 Graffiti Summer issue.
This is one of the most fun issues
that we have ever done. ModestoView
got some of the classic characters that
created the scene in the late 50s and early
60s that inspired George Lucas’ film
American Graffiti. We have captured
some of the real stories, the legends
and have rekindled the excitement of
the spirit of the cruise. Since the earliest
photos of cruising in 1947 at Burge’s
Drive-In, Modesto has been the true authentic
All-American city that still has
that American Graffiti spirit.
ModestoView is focused on helping
us live the positive Modesto life. We
take time to highlight the things that
make us smile, make us proud, and create
civic pride. It is up to all of us to
make this a priority. Each and every one
of us can tell a good Modesto story and
we all need to share these stories. Please
continue to keep us posted on your
events, activities, and share your ideas
about what would make ModestoView
better. Your comments are always welcomed
The people and companies that advertise
in ModestoView do more than
reach the best and most amazing people
in our area with their message, they tell
the story that they “support a positive
Modesto”. Yes, every single business in
this magazine believes in Modesto and
wants to help spread the positive word.
Thanks so very much to each and every
one of them. We welcome any new
advertiser that helps make the monthly
ModestoView a reality and help us keep
ModestoView free and available all
over Stanislaus County. Contact Greg
and Kyle Cobb today at advertising@
ModestoView is for you. Tell us
what you want to see and how we can
be even better for Modesto. Write anytime
Have a great Modesto Graffiti Summer,
Chris Murphy



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