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Ethen Beavers Interview

Modesto Artist In Star Wars
By Middagh Goodwin

With the Anniversary of Star Wars and the Explosion of Pop Culture Events in Modesto and all over Northern California in the last few years it is quite appropriate to have Ethen Beavers as our May interview. Ethan is a Comic Book Artist who calls Modesto home. He has created art for DC, Darkhorse, Cartoon Network to name a few. His portfolio includes Batman, Wonder Woman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

MV-What are you working on currently that excites you?

EB- I’m working on a 3 book Graphic Novel series for the American Taekwondo Association. It’s published by Rodale and is called ATA Tigers. It’s about a team of talking animal kids who learn about life and Taekwondo. The Characters are designed by Eric Wight, who worked on a ton of animated cartoons at WB and CN. He and I worked on an issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer together- Jeph Loeb wrote the script on that one.

MV-Are you inspired by anything new?

EB= I’m inspired by everything new. I consume a lot of movies and books- not too many cartoons these days. The internet is a great place for inspiration. Instagram has an overwhelming number of incredible artists who are cranking out amazing work. Looks like lots of art schools stopped teaching students to be hippies and actually inform kids on how to draw. I hear the tuition is murder though…

MV-What are your thoughts on being a comic artist in today’s world?

EB- In the history of the planet, there’s never been a better time to be a comic artist or for that matter, any other type of artist. Comic Hero movies are loved by the entire planet. Between the Art Walk type shows, the Comic Con/Pop Art events, Social Media/internet, and the old print stuff, almost anyone, regardless of talent level, can make a buck. Also, the demand for Artists has never been greater as new avenues have been created- particularly in Video Games and Film.

MV-What art movement or artist would you say influenced your work most?

EB- Bruce Timm comics and Genndy Tartakovsky cartoons. Those are the two main guys in terms of what put me where I am today. My mind exploded when I saw Mad Love on the shelf in ’93. My mind blew up again when I saw my first episode of Samurai Jack. I committed myself to becoming a professional soon thereafter.

MV-What is your background, where did you start as an artist?

EB- I started drawing when I was a child- very young. Kindergarten type age. I did Art class in High School and Modesto Junior College, but most of my training I did on my own. Mostly self-taught.

MV-What has been a Seminal Experience?

EB- My most important experience was probably when I first showed my work at Comic Con in about 2002 or so. I went down there with some samples to find out whether or not I had it in me to be a comic artist. I showed them around. I got work right away. Should have done that years earlier…

MV-How is it being an artist living in Modesto?

EB- Meh. There are some advantages is terms of Comic shows popping up everywhere in CA these days. Other than that, It’s kinda meh.

MV-Have to ask. Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Being from Modesto, did you ever think you would be a part of the Star Wars Universe? What does it feel like to be a part of the Lucas Lexicon?

EB- I never set my sights as high as Indy and Star Wars- not in my wildest dreams. I’ve surpassed my career expectations so many times I’ve lost count, which is great for me creatively because I am such a big fan of those films.

MV-What have been some of your favorite projects to work on?

EB-Obviously, my first job at DC Comics. Another was when I worked on an episode of Justice League Unlimited at WB. I couldn’t believe I actually got hired to work on the Samurai Jack Comics. Illustrating the NY Times Bestseller NERDS as pretty great. Artistically I took a quantum leap forward when I finished my first Little Golden Book. That was Batman, and I’ve done most of my best work on the five or so I’ve done thus far. I’m illustrating a Flash LGB soon.

MV-Where can someone find your work and or be able to commission a piece if they are interested?

EB- You can find me at my website- Or at cretineb@instagram I’m also on Facebook now.



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