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My editor has to be really hating me this morning. This piece was due last night but I had to pump a little local life into my head to get the job done right. I had to get out and experience killer local eats, heartbreaking live tunes and amazing folks. Those things are the best part of all of this. I love being in the middle of it all.

I started last night out with one goal in mind- To see my favorite local band debut their latest album.

Now when I say album, I really mean album. Not an Airplane sauntered into Cafe Deva last night like they owned the placed and promptly set down a big box of good old-fashioned LPs. They did not have a single CD to sell. This was their night. They were doing it their way and they did it right. They did it oh so damn right.

They did it with banjos, a stand-up bass, pounding percussion and a pure almost painful set of lyrics that clearly explain why I have heard people compare their lead singer, Nick Shattell to a young Bob Dylan. When it was over I was satisfied but craving more. That is the point in my head when I know that the music was good. Music is my drug I suppose. I need an injection as often as possible.

Dinner took place at Harvest Moon where I made their Dinah burger my new friend and my beautiful date found comfort on a cold night in a steaming plate of pasta primavera. We really enjoy Harvest Moon. Give it a shot if you are looking for a special dinner infused with color and creativity. Check out the hallway on the way to restroom where photos and autographs from local icons like Granddaddy and Flying Blind sit side-by-side with photos signed by people like Loretta Lynn. All of this memorabilia tells a story about Modesto that was nice to hear.

Tonight will find us at a house party hosted by Mike and Jennifer Allsup. Live music will be featured and something will probably be grilled up and delicious. They always make sure to really take care of their friends. That can’t be an easy task when someone has an entire city of friends.

One of the folks that has promised to meet me tonight is a guy named Hippie Dave. I saw Dave for the first time in a long time last night at the not an Airplane show. He explained to me in his hazy perfectly unclear way that he has attended and chronicled over 900 local music shows of every type imaginable in the past nine years. Then he said something that blew me away. He has been collecting articles about me and clips of my words published in Modesto for as long as he as known about me. He plans to hand me a folder tonight. This will go to my kids one day. I am grateful I am honored.

I am looking at my notes for this article on my iPhone right now and I noticed that I typed something in the spur of an inspired moment last night. I wrote- “Hopes for next year- If the world falls apart, downtown Modesto and her will somehow make it out ok.”

I am typing that into my computer right now as a live version of Bob Dylan’s “Rolling Stone” plays in the air and a few tears make their way down my face. I believe those words to be true. I have not been totally healthy lately but I am totally happy because I am finally home. It will all be ok as long as I stay home.

Let’s have an amazing 2012 in Modesto. Let’s eat good and spend our nights lost in art and color. Let’s make new friends and lovers and memories that we can share when we are as old as Hippy Dave. I love this place.

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Ruben Porras is a professional freelance writer and photographer. He also dabbles in social media. In his free time he travels a bit and spends time with his partner and his daughters. Read his travel blog at www.notlostweswear.com.