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FashionView – Enlighten Me

Fashion View

Enlighten Me…

By Shasta Boss

Leave your bad vibes behind to enter an incense infused atmosphere full of Intrinsic Elements, serenity, and uplifting secrets that will energize and enlighten your mind, body, and soul. Intrinsic Elements, found at 1214 J Street, focuses on retail gifts for people of all ages with a holistic type theme. Susie and Michelle, the owners, opened the boutique in December 2010 and have been serving the community with their metaphysical love that is in each item that they present. They specialize in mother nature’s secret powers to heal internal wounds, wash away despair, ignite positivity in ones self, and promote happiness. Many of their items can also make perfect gifts for those you love by focusing on their specific likes and desires. For example, the Vibes Up bracelets are created with liquid crystal, infused oil, and plant botanicals that offer a holistic approach to good health and a positive well-being. When you wear the bracelets they can help specifically in pain relief, will power, energy, stress relief, and much more. Mother Nature’s Therapy Bears are small organic stuffed bears to help “clean out your ickies” and make you feel safe and loved.

Placing inspiring language around your personal space is known to create positive thoughts and energies. The boutique carries “Letterosis” which are photographs of letters that are seen in different types of objects in nature or landscapes that can be personalized with names or encouraging phrases. Other positive messages and symbols etched into stones are placed throughout the shop for everlasting inspiration. Therapeutic, self help, and wellness books can be found on book racks towards the back.

Different types of crystals and geodes can be found around the boutique, too. The different types of crystals and tumbled stones have specific meanings and natural powers if you keep the stones in your aura. For example, amethyst, I learned at the shop, “is known for its healing powers, it has the ability to attract spiritual energies and calm restless thoughts. Provides peace of mind. It is a good stone for meditation and to attract serene dreams.” The boutique has huge pieces of Amethyst around the store to enhance these natural healing powers into the surrounding area and many other crystals that generate holistic healing properties.


Intrinsic Elements boutique is full of unique and stunning pieces of jewelry made with various materials like precious stones, pearls, and crystals. They carry beaded rings that look like fireworks on your fingers, zebra print stones, flowersmade out of bright colored jewels, and much more. Some of the newest items they offer include blinged out jewel shirts made for women and little girls. Feather headbands are so in style right now and you can find these throughout the boutique as well.


Some very popular items are the Buddahlicious massage and body lotion candles. Just light the candle and use some warm “wax” for massage or body lotion. Thank you again Susie for the relaxing hand massage with the tranquility scent:) Some other favorites are the birthstone fairies, mermaid figurines, and the pure essential oil perfumes.


Peaceful sounding instruments are placed in front of the boutique. They carry ancient singing bowls that are used by tapping a copper or iron bowl with a mallet and swirling it around the bowl to create a soft ringing of vibrational sound. They produce the sacred “Aum” sound that relates to meditation and destressing techniques. I found a wooden xylophone that was very fun to play along withother newly made ancient style instruments.


By making one stop into Intrinsic Elements you can start the journey you need to uplift your mind, body, and soul. You can easily obtain items that will create inspiration and energize your well-being. Go ahead make the change you’ve been searching for, create an unique gift, or add to your holistic collection, right here in downtown Modesto.



“The place where BLING meets BLISS”



Just in time for 11/11/11 and the holidays


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Visit these Modesto based shops to find perfect treasures for Men, Women, and Children.



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