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Featured Friday: Thomas Lopes

Featured Friday: Thomas Lopes of Fuzio

Each Friday we are going to feature a member of our community, Business Owners, Musicians, Artists, Teachers, Community Leaders and those that inspire us.

Your Name – Thomas Lopes, although I can’t get away from my Iron Batman nickname. (It’s a long story and I’m no super hero.)

Home Base – Modesto California

What do you do – I own a restaurant in the heart of downtown Modesto. I’m the in people, hospitality, entertainment, food and beverage business. What I am supposed to do is coach a staff of employees to be the best they can be, serving the best food and beverage they can with the best service they can offer. Although I had successes and failures on my part, I think I did well enough to say I’m super fortunate and proud to have the people I do working with me.

What are you passionate about – I’m passionate about the well being of my family, definitely work, and then the great outdoors. Well, possibly wine and motorcycles too.

How you knew – I didn’t know and you can’t know. All you can do is choose a path and then follow the Serenity Prayer.

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant, Go ahead and brag – Well I will always circle back to my healthy, blessed family and circle of friends as my largest accomplishment. It takes more than just effort to say you have that. Moving beyond that, I have always had a good work ethic and because I stayed the course, I was able to partner with a dear friend of mine and become a business owner. Being fortunate enough to do business downtown is exciting, fun, always interesting, and well just kinda cool. Next, looking back I am really proud of what I have accomplished physically. I became a runner several years ago after doing my first half Marathon I believe in 2010. My younger brother inspired me, a gave me a book for Christmas called The Non-Runners’ Marathon Trainer and then it began. Since then I have finished five 100 mile endurance runs and a full Ironman Triathlon. I have had success and failures, but the one accomplishment that will always reign on top was the completion of the Western States 100 Mile Run from Squaw Valley to Auburn California. My journey in sports will continue, this year my buddy Chad and I are going to do an interesting swim from Alcatraz. It’s going to be very cold, to say the least.

Favorite gig/Worse Gig – I have never had a “gig” because likely I have zero musical talent and never tried to learn an instrument. BUT I’m buying a guitar this year with the help of my oldest daughter Madeline who is super talented in the music field. Hoping I can learn to play well enough for I entertain myself and not be a nuisance to the people around me.

What are you working on next – This a broad question for me. Besides continuing to grow business and keep the restaurant interesting to any guests, I have a long overdue project with the running club I was the president of over 2 years ago. We purchased six exercise stations for the Virginia Corridor with the intent of installing them strategically along the path. This would enhance the already popular trail giving another option for exercise during their run or walks. We had plans drawn and approved by the city, but in order to follow city guidelines, we are going to need more funding. It would be amazing to get this done this summer. If someone has funding ideas, throw them my way! Ya, that was a plug.

Online – If I had to point out some online sights dear to me, they would be,,,,



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